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Fiorina Responds to Stranglegate, Comes Out on Top

Fiorina Responds to Stranglegate, Comes Out on Top

“I do take umbrage with the clear double standard that exists in the media”

Earlier this week, Hillary Clinton cackled away comments about Carly Fiorina made during a New Hampshire town hall that, if made by any other conservative candidate, would be cause for healing circles and peace rallies all across America.

During a Q&A on veterans’ issues, a man—who is a veteran and who claims to have been an HP employee from 1999-2005—expressed his frustration with Fiorina by saying, “every time I see [Carly Fiorina] on TV I want to reach through and strangle her.”

Need a refresher? Here’s the video:

On Wednesday night, Carly Fiorina appeared on The O’Reilly Factor and responded:

“I don’t take umbrage with him, I don’t even take umbrage with Mrs. Clinton. I do take umbrage with the clear double standard that exists in the media. If this had happened with a conservative candidate, the liberal media would be all over us to correct him, to apologize, and all the rest of it.

Newsflash: the media is biased, this isn’t anything new, and we just have to deal with it unfortunately… It’s not gonna rattle me.”

O’Reilly pointed out an incident earlier this month in which the MSM took great umbrage with Fiorina’s apparently inadequate response to a man who made a drive-by claim that President Obama is a Muslim…

…even though during past encounters with this world view, she had shut them down without a second thought.

This is the perfect response—if Fiorina had attacked the audience member, she would have looked nuts (because, as I pointed out, this was in no way a true threat.) If she had instead attacked Hillary Clinton for not leaping to her defense, she would have looked petty and delusional; if the media won’t hold Clinton accountable for her secret email server, they’re not going to make a story out of her not jumping down a supporter’s throat for not being a meninist.

Fiorina is right—media bias exists. When it hits, all you can really do is point it out, make a better point than was made in whatever soundbite is swirling around, and move back to your own narrative. Republicans by and large cannot and have never been able to rely on a friendly pool of reporters to keep the message alive; to expect it now, even during a popular and high-profile primary cycle, would be a huge unforced error.

Point Team Carly.

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Were it not for the Liberal Media gang banging opposition candidates over stuff like this this kind of stuff would be a yawner.

Never give Democrats & their media thugs a break on these kinds of tactics.

Rub their noses it till they squeal, then do it again.

You reference “Reilly”?

legacyrepublican | November 12, 2015 at 3:19 pm

Hang it all, strangulation is politically correct, so what difference does it make?

Now, if he said he was going to paint a bulls eye target on Fiorina, well …

Wow. Dumbest article I’ve seen in a long time. This is clickbait through and through. Amy, I suppose you should be brought up on conspiracy to murder charges for every time you’ve said “I could kill him!” (and you know you have). There’s a world of difference between saying something and doing something, as you should well know.

    DaMav in reply to MrSatyre. | November 12, 2015 at 4:32 pm

    Yeah, if they actually strangled Fiorina, THEN perhaps a few libs might offer mildly critical remarks. Is that what you mean?

    Orr is thiff all joust satyre?

@DeMav: If you’re that literal-minded, you belong square in the camp of the Libertards. “If actually”? The world is full of angsty diatribes, and few, if any, *actually* act on what they say they’d like to do to some who upset their apple cart. Get used to it. Responding to an “I’d like to strangle her” in this fashion is a smooth-brained tactic of the Left. It’s not reality.

    gasper in reply to MrSatyre. | November 12, 2015 at 8:08 pm

    Totally disagree. You don’t ignore stuff, which is why a few folks are responding to you. You are deserving or ignoring, but we won’t let you get off that easy. You are wrong. And it needs to be said.

    DaMav in reply to MrSatyre. | November 13, 2015 at 3:10 am

    Perhaps try “Avon, Skin so Thin” 🙂

    In my best Martian: We mean you no harm

Fiorina likes to waive her skirt around and play the little girl victim card when it comes to jibes from Mr. Trump. So it isn’t that she is not beyond playing the skirt card, she just doesn’t think it works agains WOMEN. That’s the difference.

Oh and on another note, as I have predicted. Trump won debate according to actual polls as well as online polls and latest 5 day rolling average from Reuters:


The rank and file during her tenure at HP used to call her a queen bi*** I doubt that has changed.