President Obama may have abandoned trusted allies and diminished US influence across the globe, leaving behind an inviting vacuum for tyrants and terrorists alike, but he is picking the right fights, and winning them too—at least the ones progressive liberals care about.

That’s what Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants us to believe. Michael Bloomberg, who now carries the pompous title of United Nation’s Special Envoy for ‘Climate Change’ wrote a triumphant editorial for CNN titled “We’re winning the war against coal.” He praised President Obama’s glorious record in the ‘War on Coal’, in which he forced 130 coal power plants out of business in the last 5 years and made it so an additional 70 plants will have to follow suit. According to Michael Bloomberg, the U.S. is well on its way to “phasing-out coal” as a source of energy. Former New York Mayor writes:

Here’s some good news that many Americans may not realize: Domestically, we are winning the fight against the carbon pollution that drives climate change. And by doing so, we are giving President Obama a strong hand to play when world leaders gather at the U.N.’s climate summit in Paris in five weeks to negotiate a global agreement to limit carbon emissions.

To understand how the White House finds itself in this position of strength, think back to 2010, when Congress failed to pass a cap-and-trade bill. That seemed to end any hopes of making major reductions in emissions and demonstrating American resolve to the global community. But in fact, even though the bill did not become law, the United States has already exceeded the carbon reduction goals it aimed to reach.

But guess what? The Chinese didn’t get the memo.

Beijing just announced that it intends to burn 17 percent more coal each year than it previously agreed to. This spike alone is higher than German industry’s entire annual fossil fuels consumption.

China won’t be able to keep its assurances of reducing carbon emissions from coal and fossil fuel it made to President Obama; and there’s nothing he or “United Nation’s Special Envoy” Bloomberg can do about it.

So, whatever President Obama managed to save in terms of carbon emissions — at great cost to American workers, tax payers and national industrial output, China will be more than making up for it on the other side of the planet. The New York Times reports:

China, the world’s leading emitter of greenhouse gases from coal, has been burning up to 17 percent more coal a year than the government previously disclosed, according to newly released data. The finding could complicate the already difficult efforts to limit global warming.

Even for a country of China’s size, the scale of the correction is immense. The sharp upward revision in official figures means that China has released much more carbon dioxide — almost a billion more tons a year according to initial calculations — than previously estimated.

Now should President Obama remind the Chinese, as he does at every possible occasion back home, that Climate Change is a ‘settled science’? As far as Chinese leadership is concerned, Climate Change is just as much a ‘settled science’ to them as the gold old Marxism handed down by Chairman Mao; they just got rid of one and won’t be falling for another one anytime soon.

While the Chinese might have traded their outdated ideology for free market pragmatism, the U.S. under President Obama is running down its economy by chasing illusionary “climate goals” dictated by an ideology based on questionable data.

President Obama remains conspicuously silent on atrocities committed by radical Islam, but you just can’t get him to stop about the dangers posed by the Climate Change. He might have absconded from actual battlefields, but as a climate warrior he relentlessly charges on in pursuit of ‘Quixotic Windmills.’

(Cover image courtesy CCTV America)


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