One chocolate enthusiast is waking up from her sugar coma to discover she is the country’s latest social media villain.

This Halloween, a San Diego resident and his friends set-up an experiment involving candy and a hidden camera.

On Halloween night, Nathan Brown and his roommates made an impromptu “social experiment” at their house in Serra Mesa.  They set up a table with three boxes of full-size candy bars for trick-or-treaters to come and take. They also wrote a note to the trick-or-treaters, “Help yourself, but please be considerate.”

“We thought we`ll leave some candy out…of course people are going to help themselves to a lot, but it’ll be fun to see who takes what,” Brown said.

Brown and his roommates left home for about an hour.  They returned to empty boxes. So, they checked the security video to see which kids took the most.

“We saw each kid behaving, taking a few…that was cool…that was fine,” Brown said. Everything was “fine” until they spotted a woman in the rabbit ears, he said.

The rabbit-eared thief, along with a masked child who was with her, cleaned out the entire stash of about 50 full-sized treats!

Brown was furious at the theft, as the woman’s greed meant that neighborhood children were going to miss out on some awesome Halloween chocolate. Acting as someone knowledgeable in the ways of new media, he uploaded the video to Youtube:

The video now has over 2 million views and over two thousand comments. Here are some of the choice remarks, which clearly indicate how tired people are of excuses that make victims of perpetrators:

LI #29C Halloween Video Comments condensed

Brown is still processing the unexpected results of his experiment.

“You’d think they would appreciate someone putting out a full candy bar, that, you know, maybe we should save some for the kids, but no, that’s not how it works,” Brown told Fox 5. “Apparently there’s one bad apple that has to ruin it for everyone.”

He said he was saddened that she appeared to be encouraging the child with her to take more.

“That’s what really bummed me out about the whole situation,” he said. “It’s a bad example for the kids.”

In the San Diego area, an all-points social media bulletin went out for the candy thief. She has been identified as El Cajon resident Trish Farrell. Initially, she didn’t appear to have any remorse and posted a message on her Facebook page saying “I love my haters…keep doing what you’re doing and imma keep doing me.”

Her Facebook page has subsequently been removed. Perhaps she has a few regrets now?

Clearly, this is a cautionary morality tale perfectly set in the Internet Age.

I predict many humorous bunny-inspired costumes will be donned next Halloween in the San Diego area.


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