Legal Insurrection will be covering tonight’s Democratic debate…but I’m willing to bet we won’t have nearly as much fun as this guy:

Achievement unlocked: Master Troll.

Let’s not lull ourselves into thinking this is slipping under the radar; it’s news. CNN covered it—and referenced a Trump event that took place this Saturday, in which Trump himself took to the stage and declared that Hillary Clinton should not be allowed to run for office.

This isn’t just a cycle piece—it’s chum in the water, and a brilliant move by Trump. Tonight, a handful of old white people (Old White People©? There’s a branding opportunity here!) will take to the stage and take turns fighting over what level of Socialism will be most effective in subduing the American people.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump will have already hijacked the online conversation. You have to hand it to him—the man knows how to force the issue.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your popcorn poppers.


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