Across the nation, police departments are having difficulty recruiting new officers. Many people who might have considered a career in law enforcement just a few years ago are, naturally, concerned by the anti-cop rhetoric espoused by the Black Lives Matter movement and the accompanying narrative supplied by many in media.

CNN provides these stunning numbers:

The direct impact of officer-involved shootings on recruiting new officers is unclear, but police departments small and large are having fewer candidates apply to become officers.

Post-Ferguson, the New York Police Department, the country’s biggest police force, says applications are down 18%. LAPD saw a 16% drop in applications since 2013. In Philadelphia, where police have had a decadeslong problem of trying to attract new hires, police recruit numbers dropped 47% in 2014 from 2008. Even the small police force in Leesburg, Virginia, says while it hasn’t seen a drop in applications, far fewer qualified candidates are applying, affecting their ability to hire good cops.

This related video report offers some hope:

Just so you know what a serious problem this is, here are a few recent and real examples:

New Hampshire – Manchester struggles to fill 20 open police positions

New York – Buffalo Police announce new recruitment program

California – Auditor: San Jose Police Need to Change Recruiting Methods

Connecticut – West Hartford Police Recruitment Open House Saturday

Pennsylvania – Police host “Come Get to Know Us Day” to help with recruitment

Alaska – Anchorage mayor says police recruitment a priority

Virginia – Suffolk police to hold recruitment open house

Note that this is happening at a time when the leading Democrats running for president are talking about disarming the American people through greater gun control.

Featured image via YouTube.