Oh boy, here we go—it’s time to talk about this mess again.

Remember back in October, when Megyn Kelly got into a fight with Donald Trump during a nationally televised debate, and everyone took a side?


Was there a gotcha question involved? Was Trump disrespectful? Do we even know why we’re fighting anymore? HAVE WE ALL LOST OUR MINDS?

Enter the ripple effect. The internet exploded, and everyone took a side. Ted Cruz hitched his surfboard to the media wave and made the most of it; meanwhile, Trump was disinvited from the RedState Gathering after no one in the media could decide if Trump made a period joke:

Those affiliated with Fox News publicly bashed Trump over his comments. Legal Insurrection readers say Kelly’s reputation was most damaged; but in the end Trump continued on to participate in another major debate, Kelly returned to her show, and we all finally stopped talking about blood coming out of our wherevers.


Last night Megyn Kelly sat down for an interview on PBS’s “Charlie Rose Show” to talk Trump, the feud, and the enigmatic Roger Ailes:

From Newsmax:

“Neither one of us wanted any sort of a war with Donald Trump,” Kelly said of herself and Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes. “We didn’t think that benefited the channel, we didn’t think it benefited me, and we don’t think it benefited Donald Trump, and I think Donald Trump would say that now.”

“We just wanted to forge forward and put it behind us and not pour any more fuel on that fire,” Kelly told Rose. She said she believes Trump will eventually appear on her show, and predicted it will be good TV when he does.

“I want to ask him all the things people want me to ask him, like why did you get so upset?” Kelly said. “What do you think about how it went in the days after? Any regrets on it? I think we both know the answer to that: No.”

When asked whether or not she believes Trump will ever appear on her show again, Kelly was optimistic, saying that she’s “looking forward to it,” and, “don’t you think that’ll be a big television moment?”


You can watch more footage from the interview here.

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