As President Obama told the UN General Assembly that the principle of “might is right” was not the answer to the world’s problems and then went on raising a toast to President Putin at a luncheon on Wednesday, September 28, Russian Armed forces where busy installing long-range air-defenses, claiming air superiority over area well beyond Syrian air space, denying access to US and NATO already conducting airstrikes against ISIS positions.

Jerusalem Post quoted NATO’s top commander, General Philip Breedlove saying Russia’s move to deny access to US and NATO forces in the Eastern Mediterranean was a “a growing problem.”

Russia’s first airstrike targeted non-ISIS Syria rebels rather than the dreaded Islamic State. BBC reports:

[Russia] launched air strikes in Syria for a second day. [Russian air-]strikes reportedly targeted positions in the north-west held by the Army of Conquest rebel alliance.

Russia said it had struck four Islamic State (IS) facilities overnight, and destroyed a “terrorist HQ” outside Idlib and a command post near Hama. (…)

Russia carried out about 20 missions on Wednesday. The US fears they targeted non-IS opponents of Russia’s ally, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Obama administration’s response was prompt and swift, issuing a ‘strong statement’ reminding Russia that by resorting to violence, it was ‘throwing gasoline on fire.’ Only thing those generals on Kremlin fear more, is a sternly worded letter from John Kerry.

By using force in Syria, Putin’s Russia isn’t merely coming to the aid of an ally in distress, it is instead rushing in to fill the vacuum created by President Obama’s policy of abandonment and retreat in the Middle-East. Russia, in tandem with Iranian Regime, is back again playing the ‘Great Game’, it was forced to give up in the aftermath of the collapse of the Soviet Empire. .

And remember the signing amount of $100 billion Obama administration released to Iran for agreeing to the Nuclear Deal? Russia is getting a big chuck of that money. Tehran is ordering missile equipment as well as satellite and space technology worth $21 billion from Moscow.

This week, when Obama told the UN General Assembly that he led “the strongest military that the world has ever known,” he was stating a fact. But it is Russia’s Putin who has shown more fortitude throughout the Syrian conflict. Obama refused to act when Syrian Dictator Assad used deadly chemical weapons against his own people –- a ‘redline’ Obama previously claimed, he won’t let the Syrian tyrant cross. He underestimated ISIS at the onset, comparing it to a JV team, and even to this day refuses to acknowledge the Islamist ideology driving the Islamic State.

The Obama administration has single-handedly reduced America’s geopolitical footprint and diminishing its prestige at the world stage. Russia’s shutting out of U.S. from Syria is the biggest foreign policy disaster in the region since President Jimmy Carter lost Iran 36 years ago.

Video: raw footage of Russian Airstrike hitting the Syrian town of Homs (courtesy Haaretz):


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