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Branco Cartoon – Advantage

Branco Cartoon – Advantage


A.F.Branco Cartoon from 2013 revised for 2015.

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It’s like they just hang upside down in a cave with leathery wings folded around them, asleep, waiting for the next blood-letting.

Or something.

    The Left has nothing to run on. Going #GunControl at this time in this particular presidential election cycle is a cynical socialist attempt to herd their Pavlovian anti-Constitutional base.

While I’ve always sort of suspected this, it wasn’t until last week that I came to realize/decide that it true… Too many on the left actually are perversely happy happy anytime there is a mass shooting as they think it is an opportunity for them to push their unrelated agenda.

    Radegunda in reply to dahat. | October 9, 2015 at 5:50 pm

    What’s even perverse is how deeply offended they are by the suggestion that maybe people under threat should fight back to minimize the carnage.

    As for allowing the good guys to have guns, the stock response is: “Then there would be a shootout, and that would be much worse!” Worse than a plain old massacre, that is. And never mind that a “shootout” is what often ensues when the police arrive (eventually).

    Insufficiently Sensitive in reply to dahat. | October 9, 2015 at 8:34 pm

    perversely happy happy anytime there is a mass shooting as they think it is an opportunity for them to push their unrelated agenda.

    Said agenda is mostly a naked hope to punish the millions of non-murderous owners of firearms for the crime of disagreeing with the leftists on the subject of gun control. Punishment without evidence, without trial or due process, just for the joy of harming the holders of diverse opinions.

What about laws forbidding “gun-free zones?” You know, those places Socialists love to promote, where people are treated like fish in barrel and shot.

    Cervisia in reply to Doug Wright. | October 10, 2015 at 10:42 am

    Those places not only forbid effective self defense, they also fail to provide any other form of effective defense.
    So make them liable for any damages caused by that.

The current government discourages keeping people safe from harm. Laws just codify its ineptness.

So, the progressive liberals oppose choice and deny the basic human right to self-defense; but, will go to the ends of the Earth to secure mass killing by the abortion industry and cannibalism by the Planned Parenthood corporation.

American “gun culture” takes it on the chin every time there’s a high-visibility shooting. When was the last such shooting that was perpetrated by an actual member of that culture – an NRA member, hunter, collector, competitor, CCW holder, gun safety course graduate, or just a redneck with a rifle in the back window of his pickup?

And why isn’t American car culture blamed for the tens of thousands of deaths for which it is similarly “responsible”? Why aren’t all drinkers asked to share the blame for every drunk driving death? Or is guilt by association only applicable to firearms owners?

    Imagine if, every time there was a kid killed by a drunk or otherwise criminally negligent driver, the government’s first move was to make noises about confiscating the cars of all the lawful car owners who didn’t do it.

I think that the ” Gun Haters,” & the Federal Gov. Leaders ( Socialists ) are trying to disarm the citizens. This happens when the Gov. leaders are trying to form a DICTATORSHIP. From what our leaders said today, It sounds like he is going to try to take our guns with his E.O. He has used his E.O. so illegally, that this Lawless Leader thinks he is already King. His wife is already acting like Queen. When are the leaders in Congress going to stand up for the PEOPLE ???

When we start holding those politicians accountable.