Last spring I visited Sderot, the Israeli town on the Gaza border.

Sderot is best known internationally as the town most frequently under rocket attack with almost no warning because of the short distance. Sderot has developed extensive shelter systems, as I discussed in Israelis shelter in place near Gaza. The system includes playground shelters like this one:

Sderot Israel Children's Playground Bomb Shelter

and an underground municipal bunker for city officials to use when under attack:

Sderot Security Center David Shneor

You can see from this video I took (sorry for the wind noise) how close Sderot is to Gaza:

This 2008 Video shows what life was like in Sderot:

After the 2014 Gaza conflict — sparked by relentless Hamas rocket fire into Israel — Sderot has had a period of quiet. That ended today, when short-range Qassam rocket or rockets landed in and around the town:

Expect retaliation

UPDATE: Ynet reports that in addition to the rocket that hit Sderot:

One rocket were shot down over Ashkelon just after 11:30pm by Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system for the first time since Operation Protective Edge in 2014, just three hours after the rocket strike on Sderot.

The retaliation didn’t take long, which is not surprising since a rocket landed in Sderot and a long range rocket was shot towards a major city:


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