When John Boehner shocked everyone yesterday by announcing he would step down as house speaker, even Obama dropped his partisanship long enough to say a few nice things.

No such courtesy was afforded by former house speaker Nancy Pelosi who used the opportunity to bash House Republicans as extremists who want to shut down the government.

Carolyn May of Breitbart reported:

Pelosi: Boehner Resignation ‘Indication of Disarray in GOP’

Speaking to reporters Friday, Pelosi called Boehner’s resignation “a stark indication of the disarray of the House Republicans.”

She continued, adding that it is “a demonstration of [House Republicans’] obsession with shutting down government at the expense of women’s health and a sign of the failure of the House Republicans to be willing to engage in dialogue for the good of the American people and for us to move forward.”

I know Boehner is unpopular among conservatives and that many people on the right are happy about the news of his imminent departure, but let’s not forget what we had before:

On a related note, Boehner’s resignation may be a classic case of be careful what you wish for.

Amber Phillips of the Washington Post:

Meet Kevin McCarthy, the potential next speaker of the House

If tea party Republicans think they’re going to replace Boehner with one of their own, it’s surely not McCarthy.

Prior to becoming majority whip in 2011, his record was among the more conservative Republicans in the House. But being in leadership the last four-plus years has put McCarthy much more toward the moderate/establishment wing of the party.

The conservative Club for Growth gives him a lifetime score of 73 percent, but just 43 percent in 2014. McCarthy is supportive of one of Club for Growth’s biggest issues: He has said he does not support renewing the Export-Import Bank, an independent government agency that helps U.S. companies do risky-ish business abroad. Tea party conservatives have decried the bank, which often supports big businesses like Boeing and Caterpillar, for “crony capitalism.” He also signed a pledge in 2010 to avoid raising taxes to combat climate change.

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