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How long before Jeb says: “I’m not going to be ignored, Don”

How long before Jeb says: “I’m not going to be ignored, Don”

Trump treats Jeb as yesterday’s news – attacks shift to Marco

Based on the media chatter, Marco Rubio is being set up as the alternative to Jeb in taking on The Donald.

Jeb wasn’t up to the job of taking on The Donald.

Jeb’s counterpunches reminded me of George Castanza on Seinfeld.

His comebacks to Trump just never seem to work:

The Donald has moved beyond Jeb, and now is attacking Marco:

And Marco is attacking back:

Sen. Marco Rubio says he wants no part of Donald Trump’s “freak show,” as the Republican presidential hopeful continues to throw jabs at the front-runner.

The two candidates have battled through sound bites for the past week, after essentially staying muted on each other for most of the campaign. As Rubio has enjoyed a marked boost in the polls since his performance in the second debate, Trump has gone after Rubio with insults including calling him a “kid” and dinging his voting record this year.

The Florida senator has willingly dished it back at Trump, calling him unserious and “touchy.” That continued in an NPR interview on Monday.

“I’m not interested in the back and forth to be a member or part of his freak show,” Rubio told NPR.

But despite that statement, Rubio quickly ticked off a list of Trump’s recent foibles, including mentioning a speech in South Carolina that had many empty seats and Trump getting booed at Friday’s Value Voters Summit when he called Rubio a “clown.”

I’m so glad the debates have raised the level of discourse.

As for Jeb, being ignored is warning sign. The frontrunner no longer views you as relevant, and the polls back him up.

You know what to do, Jeb:


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MouseTheLuckyDog | September 28, 2015 at 3:16 pm

Trump response to Jeb: Did you say something?

Marco Jebeo, becomes the jebster surrogate. Dang, this primary is amusing!

That jeb is a brave lil man!

I think we have been gamed about what the Values Voters were booing at Trump’s mention of Rubio.

    Ragspierre in reply to Rick. | September 28, 2015 at 4:00 pm

    People can watch, listen, and judge for themselves.

    Watch T-rump. It’s a perfect example of T-rump’s talent for reading an audience reaction, just like when he implied that McAnus was not a war hero. He turns on a dime to give them what they signal.

      I know it ruins your day but Trump Supporters booed as Trump called out CNN, amirite? Oh, darn. I broke your widdow boo-meme.

        Ragspierre in reply to VotingFemale. | September 28, 2015 at 4:15 pm

        Did they boo Rubio when he appeared, you poor, TDS suffering thang…???

          Should have.

          Rubio hasn’t done anything in his life other than politick and comply with the wishes of his handlers. He is the Republican Obama. He went to Santa Fe Community College in order to get into the University of Florida and then apparently couldn’t get into UF law school so went to UM. Trump transferred into Wharton as an economics major, no mean feat. In UM law school, Rubio worked as a clerk for Ileana Ross-Lehtinen, where he met Jeb Bush and became his stepinfetchit and protogee. Trump by contrast got out of college and conceived of a real estate project that brought his father’s firm multi-millions of dollars. (And it wasn’t a gimme; he had to talk his father into it.)

          Rubio has spent his entire adult life doing nothing but politicking, and catering to the powers-that-be to whom he is now beholden, all the way to Speaker of the Florida House, and then accidentally as the only choice versus Charlie Crist for Senate. We already have a president who honed his gift of gab and held no real job and had no accomplishments whatsoever before entering politics. We don’t need another, much less Bush’s stalking horse.

          Ragspierre in reply to Ragspierre. | September 28, 2015 at 11:50 pm

          “Trump transferred into Wharton as an economics major, no mean feat.”

          Really? Say who?

          If he learned anything about economics, it went away LONG ago.

          The man’s an economics boob. In addition to being a liar and a narcissist.

          janitor in reply to Ragspierre. | September 29, 2015 at 1:08 am

          I supplied facts. You replied with the same conclusory smears with nothing that would help any of us understand your position. Are you working for another candidate? Not feeling well lately? overmuch dealing with trolls? have some personal issue with Trump? Or is someone else now writing under the Ragspierre moniker?

          I am really disappointed in you. What “lies” are you referring to. What examples have led you to the conclusion that Trump is an “economics boob”.

          Ragspierre in reply to Ragspierre. | September 29, 2015 at 8:52 am

          Did the crowd boo Rubio? No. It didn’t.

          You go on to smear Rubio with conclusory bullshit (stepinfetchit), while using conclusory bullshit boosterism for T=rump (no mean feat).

          I’ve cataloged T-rump’s lies in very small part, one of them the target of your apologia. He DID lobby Florida, including Jeb Bush, for casino gambling. He DID lose. And he DID lie about it.

          But his lies are manifold, if you’ve the objectivity to see them.

          His economic views on free markets line up very nicely with Bernie Sanders, he had no clue that Federal money paid to Planned Abortionhood was fungible and would OBVIOUSLY subsidize abortions in violation of Federal law, and he thinks it’s the Federal government’s job and apparent right to tell people where they may buy and from whom.

          Additionally, he’s a proponent of “campaign finance reform”.

          He’s shown an absolute enmity to the First Amendment.

          And he intends to “take care of everybody” via Federal funding for health care.

          I don’t like frauds. I especially don’t like corrupt champions of BIG GOVERNMENT pretending to be conservatives. Both are personified in T-rump.

          I’m not simply disappointed in you, I’m appalled at you.

“If you believe in something, you have to be true to yourself. Ya haveta be… Ya haveta be…”

Bada, boom, ching!

I’m so glad the debates have raised the level of discourse.

What did you expect?

After the last “debate”, the press and punditry started oozing over Fiorina’s performance. The general sycophancy approached Obamasque levels of embarrassment.

But I certainly saw nothing there of the substance we’d want to see building a memorable Presidency. It was all little more than an expensive catfight.

Assume the other candidates aren’t totally stupid, and took note of this. If the public wants catfights, they’ll give them catfights.

Unfortunately, republics with universal suffrage tend to encourage that.

As far as Rubio’s campaign goes; anybody chasing after another candidate, hoping to get some sniping in whenever he sees a clear shot, is doomed to second place at best. When you’re in front, you’re looking at the finish line, not at the guys you’ve already passed. Trading snarls with Rubio is not a winning tactic for Trump, and he’s certainly been around long enough to realize that.

    casualobserver in reply to tom swift. | September 28, 2015 at 8:04 pm

    What countries that allow voting, universal suffrage or not, have meaningful and useful election processes?

    If you are courting votes you have to target the broadest audience possible.

Rubio is Chuck Schumer’s Gang o Eight Amnesty Lapdog who lied to Americans repeatedly while pushing it through the Senate.

Donald Trump was clearly being congenial and conciliatory in merely pointing out that Rubio is a clown.

Duh Donald…

“They [speaking of illegal aliens] wanna be legal”


“We’re gonna bring them back!”.

Like I’ve been saying. A lot of you are running on blind faith. You have NO freaking clue what Duh Donald really has in is addled mind.

    Henry Hawkins in reply to Ragspierre. | September 28, 2015 at 8:12 pm

    You mean like how he admitted he’s still for single-payer, government funded health insurance?

    Or do you mean his liberal/Democrat ‘tax the rich/give it to the poor’ tax plan? You know, the one that redistributes wealth exactly as Obama does it?

    Trump is one peculiar conservative, I’ll tell you whut…..

You mean traitor Marco Gang of Eight Rubio, who put the last vote on Obamatrade?

That Rubio?

At least Trump is going to build a wall and deport the illegals.

Rubio will not do that.

Ted Cruz – reads the riot act to Republican leadership – the speech of the decade.

    Excellent speech, thank you! This is why Trump is running, and why Cruz is not criticizing him (and in fact has had multiple talks with him, and even had Trump do a joint rally with him.) Cruz is my man, ergo, I’ll take the Trump path to boost Cruz, whether as running mate, Atty Gen, SCt, or 2020.

      Immolate in reply to janitor. | September 29, 2015 at 1:03 pm

      Cruz wants to be a natural heir-apparent for Trump if he continues to bleed support in the coming weeks/months. I am a Cruz supporter, but Cruz needs to realize that he won’t inherit victory. He has to earn it. So far, Trump’s loss has been Fiorina’s and Rubio’s gain. Cruz needs to inspire, so let’s hope he’s got a plan and is executing it.

    PhillyGuy in reply to Uncle Samuel. | September 29, 2015 at 8:44 am

    That was a great speech. Sen Cruz is lighting their hair on fire in front of us all. If not in the WH, he still has a very bright future. I wish we could clone him and put him all over the country.

    Frankly, Cruz is done with the senate. He knows nothing of substance is going to happen. He is burning the bridge now. I don’t think he really expects to get the R nomination. I think he expects to play a role in a different position that the current one of scumbag senator.

    Just my best guess.