Thursday, a pro-Scott Walker SuperPAC announced the release of its first television ad of the campaign cycle. “Fight & Win,” hits Iowa airwaves Tuesday.

As the name suggests, the ad highlights Walker’s experience successfully fighting unions. Unintimidated PAC announced in early August that, $7 million in television time in Iowa from September 8 through February 1, 2016 (the day of the Iowa Caucus).”

But traditional television advertisement is not the only place Unintimidated PAC is spending cash. They’ve mapped out an ambitious plan and have allocated a whopping $1.3 million (more than 15% of the entire Iowa budget) for a full scale takeover of Iowa’s digital space.

As more consumers “cut the cable,” investing heavily in digital marketing has become a necessity in political advertising.

Unintimidated PAC plans to target likely caucus goers and other conservative voters based on their current data models. Having a fluid overall strategy will allow Unintimidated PAC to make adjustments as those data models evolve.

The PAC will have an aggressive online presence in all 99 of Iowa’s counties and has set a target of over 100,000,000 ad impressions by Iowa’s caucus day February 1. With plans to market across a wide variety of platforms which include social media, video ads (those you find on YouTube videos and on Hulu), mobile advertising, search, and even display ads, those lofty goals just might be within reach.

Unintimidated PAC’s digital strategy is certainly not limited to Iowa as they’ve allotted, “$9 million for advertising in New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada – expanding the electoral map to all of the February primary and caucus states.”

Governor Walker is no stranger to the digital game. His official campaign used Instagram to announce the date of the Governor’s presidential campaign kickoff.

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