Remember El Chapo? Joaquin Guzman, the infamous Mexican drug lord—and head of the even more infamous Sinaloa drug cartel—made headlines this past July when he executed an even more infamous escape from Mexico’s maximum security Altiplano prison.

He tied his shoes, popped down a tunnel, and surfaced a mile outside the prison walls into the waiting arms (and vehicles) of his drug-running minions. It was El Chapo’s second escape from a Mexican maximum security prison, and officials were both baffled* and humiliated* after they discovered they’d been hoodwinked*.

(*This, of course, assumes that they were hoodwinked. The man had a privacy wall in his cell and a fully-lit and equipped tunnel. Alas…)

Since his escape, El Chapo has been on the run, leaving a bizarre social media trail in his wake. Several times, Guzman’s son Alfredo has made posts to social media purporting to show photos of his father not languishing in a cell in central Mexico.

His last post, however, may have had a teensy flaw—he left the geotagging on.

Mediaite grabbed a screenshot of the tweet:

alfredo guzman tweet el chapo

Oops! Or, should we say, oops? We’re talking about the family of a man who has escaped maximum security prison twice, and holds half the drug-imbibing world in his thrall. This geo-tag could be real—or it could be a false trail.

Or, he could be that arrogant and/or in control of those purporting to search for him.

Or, he could be going for a prison break trifecta. The world may never know.


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