Earlier this month, Dana Loesch appeared in an NRA promo video asking women to take a second look at safe, legal handgun ownership as an effective form of self defense.

It was awesome. Watch it if you haven’t already:

This video is the definition of speaking truth to power, and highlights an important difference between the conservative, pro-gun narrative, and what the left twists that narrative into. Anti-gun advocates feed off of the fear, sadness, and confusion that hits in the wake of mass or high profile shootings; they don’t want you to know about the lives saved by guns—all they want is to convince Americans that their families would somehow be safer if only criminals had access to guns in a gun-free society.

Loesch’s ad made a splash, so of course, liberals predictably flocked to discredit it—but some went too far.

A graphic artist named Tom Adelsbach altered footage pulled from the video to make it look as though Loesch ends the message by putting a gun to her head and pulling the trigger.

Adelsbach eventually deleted this purported work of “satire,” and it has since been removed from his accounts, but the damage was done. This was a threat, and the Loeschs were taking it seriously:

Law enforcement is currently handling the situation.

Instead of hiding under a desk somewhere, Loesch stepped up and encouraged her followers to speak out in support of gun rights:

The response was overwhelming. Supporters flocked to the NRA’s donation and membership pages and pledged their support…in the name of the trolls threatening Dana:

As a conservative blogger, I am appalled, but not shocked, at the video and hate tweets thrown Dana’s way. This is nothing new. This woman—and many others—has been fielding threats like this for years, and the media largely ignores that this proves a greater point when it comes to self-defense and responsible gun ownership.

As an attorney, I look forward to seeing these people frog-marched into a courtroom.

As a woman, I am so, so proud of you, Dana Loesch. Your bravery and your tenacity represents everything that makes America strong. Keep fighting—we’re right behind you.

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