Professor Jacobson published the first College Insurrection post on August 22, 2012.

Welcome to College Insurrection

Since then, we’ve published over 8,000 posts about free speech, rape culture, due process, microaggressions, trigger warnings, white privilege, the BDS movement, wacky professors, speech zones, liberal bias, the higher ed bubble and dozens of other issues which affect campus life every day.

I’ve been with the site since the beginning but I’ve had plenty of help from Leslie Eastman, Casey Breznick, Nathaniel Hunter, David Ticzon and Kemberlee Kaye as well as occasional guest authors Isaac Morrison and Hans Bader.

As a writer who has been covering this beat for three years now, I think I should speak candidly.

We have a serious problem happening on American college campuses.

Colleges and universities should be leading the way for freedom of expression but they’re not; in many cases it’s the exact opposite.

College students should feel safe to speak their minds but many of them don’t.

It’s not just students either. Many professors, scholars and scientists are forced to deal with politically correct campus culture.

Let’s not forget the financial problems America is facing over higher education.

Student loan debt now tops one trillion dollars and despite recent rose-colored glasses reports, unemployment among college grads is still high, yet the borrowing continues.

Liberal politicians like Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders offer false hope to college students in the form of more government loans and supposedly free college, while real reformers like Governor Scott Walker get compared to Hitler.

Things are so bad that Animal House has been shut down for real. In case you haven’t noticed, the left has become the Dean Wormer administration.

There are four letter words in this video but you can handle that without a trigger warning, right?

We hope you’ll keep reading College Insurrection as we head into another year.

There’s never a dull moment.


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