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History and Hypocrisy Week at College Insurrection

History and Hypocrisy Week at College Insurrection

Your weekly dispatch from the world of higher education.

One of Obama’s favorite expressions is the subject of this week’s history lesson with author and columnist Jonah Goldberg.

Speaking of history…

Fortunately, most colleges are focused on the important things.

These stories seem to be related.

Greek news:

Whose class would you rather attend?

And now, college sports.

Republicans on campus.

Democrats on campus.

Higher ed bubble update.

Blame the stupidity of the American voter.

Sounds familiar.

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Aleister, you, CI, and the contributors to CI are sina qua non. Thank you.

The State-established pro-choice doctrine is infamous for creating moral hazards and sanctimonious hypocrites.

“Wrong side of history” is a typical communist phrase describing western capitalism, because they believe communism is inevitable.

Re Foreign policy professors say John Kerry is worst secretary of State… and Hillary Clinton comes in fourth, tying with Madelyn Albright, while Dean Rusk is 7th, Cyrus Vance 8th, Colin Powell 10th, Condi Rice 11th…

No politics there. Criteria? (Let’s write an article ranking the Secys State. We can let Kerry — since he’s not running for anything — be the Obama administration fall guy, and put Clinton high-ish up but in the middle, while otherwise mixing it up party-wise so that it looks objective.)

Great video! “Wrong side of history” has long been one of my most hated phrases. It’s utterly contemptible.

And their belief that they are steering along some sort of upward path of “progress” is a sick joke.

The problem with leftists is that they think all their shtick is new. They keep pretending that they are going boldly where no one has gone before…

…even as they return us to the days of Caligula.

They may have iPhones, but the rubbish that they type into them could be coming from any hedonistic fool languishing in a Roman bathhouse. Same lust for orgiastic sex; same “jokes” about murdering Christians.

Washington State professors are threatening to fail students for using words like “he” “she” “illegal alien” “illegals”; essentially trying to void the 1st Amendment rather than trying to talk about the substance of various issues. Campus Reform reported on this.
I suspect many of these professors have had their email and phone disable to cope with the coming backlash. I don’t know why they think that trying to shut down free thought somehow bolsters the credibility of their own. But you can always contact the department at WASU that employs them and discuss it with them
509-335-2605 [email protected]