Monday, Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer reiterated his opposition to the Obama administration’s nuclear deal.

“First let me say this, this was one of the most difficult decisions that I had to make. I studied long and hard, read the agreement a whole bunch of times, had many, many, many meetings and interviews people on both sides including three classified briefings where can ask questions that are not in the confines of the document but very relevant to making a decision.”

“I have found when it’s such a difficult decision as this has been, you gotta study it carefully, come up with a conclusion, not let pressure, party, or politics influence your decision, and then do the right thing. Well that’s what I’ve done.”

Arguing against the deal, Schumer continued, “in terms of Iran during the first ten years and nuclear weapons, I found the inspections regime not anywhere anytime, but with lots of holes in it. Particularly troublesome, you have to wait twenty-four days before you can inspect. That will allow some of the radioactivity to be seen, but not non-radioactive activity that goes into building a bomb.”

This weekend, Sen. Schumer was inundated with progressive wrath. Called a, “greedy, disloyal Jew,” for standing against the Iran deal, those who support the deal continue to put the squeeze on Schumer.

According to The Hill, a petition criticizing Senator Schumer for opposing the Iran deal has received more than 160,000 signatures since Saturday.

Over 160,000 people have signed a petition from a progressive organization denouncing Sen. Charles Schumer’s (D-N.Y.) opposition to the Iran nuclear agreement.

“New York Senator Chuck Schumer just publicly declared that he will vote to kill the historic Iran nuclear peace deal and urge other Democrats in the Senate to do the same,” the petition, issued by CREDO Action, begins.

“There’s no excuse for any Democrat to oppose the deal — least of all Senator Schumer, who is in line to take over leadership of the Senate Democrats once Senator Harry Reid retires.
“Chuck Schumer was wrong on Iraq when he voted for war and he is wrong on Iran,” the petition continues. “Schumer’s decision to join Republicans in attempting to sabotage the Iran nuclear deal once again shows that he is unfit to lead Senate Democrats.

“Tell Sen. Chuck Schumer: Don’t lead Senate Democrats to war with Iran,” it adds.

The Democratic party has also turned on Sen. Schumer:

On the occasion a senior member of the Democratic party ventures outside the prescribed talking points, and particularly when they do so for seemingly non-political reasons, they need and have earned our encouragement and support.

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