Ever since the White House leaked Thursday night that Sen. Chuck Schumer would be coming out against the Iran deal, the progressive movement has foamed at the mouth with vitriol directed Schumer’s way.

Much of it is just the plain old progressive vitriol of the MoveOn.org, Daily Kos and netroots types. Schumer is a warmonger, wants war, loves war, and so on.


Obama set up that argument when he claimed that Republicans were making common cause with hardline Iranians — even though Obama clinched the deal with hardline Iranians who are laughing all the way to the bank and an internationally-authorized nuclear enrichment program.

Obama set up the disloyalty argument, and it’s no surprise that it’s being used against Democrats who don’t support the deal, particularly Jewish Democrats like Schumer.

That dual loyalty charge — often expressed in terms of being an “Israel firster” — is an old anti-Semitic line of attack, as we explored in detail in a prior post, GreenStar boycott group trainer hurls “Israel-firster” slur at Schumer.

The dual loyalty charge is almost exclusively made against Jewish supporters of Israel. You rarely hear it used against American Christians who support Israel.

As The Tablet magazine reports, given the various dog whistles put out by the Obama administration, it’s no wonder these type of accusations are resurfacing.

Schumer long has been a target of that charge by the anti-Israel boycott movement and anti-Zionist progressive websites.

Now it is on overdrive.

Here are some of the examples of how Schumer is being portrayed now as nothing more than a greedy, disloyal Jew, and even a traitor. All by progressive supporters of the deal.

Some of it is taking place on the #DumpSchumer hashtag on Twitter, but it’s a lot of other places as well. Some of it by prominent Israel critics in their own names, some of it through the usual internet pseudonyms.

From a former Media Matters author:

MJ Rosenberg Twitter Schumer Israel Iterests

From the foremost proponent of the “Israel Lobby” demonization:


From the Research Director of a pro-Iranian advocacy group:


And others:

NYC Philosopher Twitter Schumer Israel Firster





A Daily Kos cartoonist:


[Featured Image: Excerpt from Daily Kos cartoon]


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