We all know that Hillary Clinton is the first female frontrunner candidate of a major party. That is, she’s long been the frontrunner, and remains the frontrunner, although who knows how long that will continue.

I believe that the only thing that can stop Clinton is an indictment, or the entry of Elizabeth Warren into the race. That’s how shallow the Democratic bench is and how much the public (especially Democrats) seems to thirst for another “first,” as they did with Obama. The first woman president is the next logical step for them, and Hillary seems (or seemed until recently) to fit the bill.

That’s one of the reasons Carly Fiorina is an especially good foil for her. I don’t doubt, however, that if Carly were to rise in the polls and become a strong possibility for first female president, the attacks on her as “not a real woman” would become the drumbeat of the opposition.

Isn’t it interesting that this year we also have two—count ’em, two—major presidential candidates who are Hispanic? I don’t recall even one major candidate who was Hispanic in previous years, although it’s possible I’m forgetting someone. But do we hear any paeans of praise for Cruz’s or Rubio’s minority status in the MSM or from liberals? Of course not; don’t be silly. They are Republicans. Cruz in particular is an arch conservative, and Rubio only somewhat less so. In the eyes of the MSM that de-Hispanicizes them. And Cruz, of course, is only half-Hispanic—just as Obama is only half-black, which you don’t hear much about from the left, unless it’s the left that thinks he’s not leftist enough.

Cruz and Rubio don’t appear to be emphasizing their Hispanic origins all that much; Jeb Bush seems to be going further with his status as an honorary Hispanic. But just imagine for a moment if either Cruz or Rubio were liberals. You know what a wonderful thing their candidacies would be.

Same for Bobby Jindal, first person of Indian descent to be a viable candidate for the presidency. And Romney, who was the first Mormon nominee for president, was not lauded for that fact, either (he wasn’t the first Mormon major presidential candidate; I believe that honor may have belonged to his father George). Mormons, of course, are most definitely not a liberal special interest group, although they certainly are a minority group in terms of numbers.

Interestingly enough, you also hear very little from liberals about the fact that Bernie Sanders is Jewish, because being Jewish is not considered by the left to be a selling point and Jews are not considered to be oppressed; au contraire. Nor is Sanders the first major candidate who’s Jewish. We even had a previous Jewish vice-presidential nominee, back in 2000 (what now seems like centuries ago), when Joe Lieberman was the VP nominee of the Democratic Party. Not long after that he became a party pariah when the Scoop Jackson wing was banished and foreign policy hawks were disallowed.

One other note—back in 1960, John Kennedy became the first Catholic president. It was a big, big deal at the time, almost as big a deal as Obama years later. That seems hard to believe, but I was there and I remember. What’s more (although this seems hard to believe as well), 55 years later he remains the only Catholic president.

[Neo-neocon is a writer with degrees in law and family therapy, who blogs at neo-neocon.]


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