If you thought the faith progressives have in Elizabeth Warren was over the top, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

So strong is the left’s love of all things Warren, they’re now trying to create an army of political candidates just like her to run for public office.

Sam Frizell reports at Time:

The Left’s Quest to Create Hundreds of Elizabeth Warrens

“Elizabeth—she’s here?”

The thumbs up came from the back of the meeting room, and two hundred future Sen. Elizabeth Warrens stood up and waited for their prototype to enter. Spindly and with a bouncy step, the Massachusetts senator strode rapidly into the room and was waylaid by a friendly sea of imperfect facsimiles calling for selfies. “What a way to start the morning!” Warren said at last, breathless at the podium.

Warren was stopping by a conference on Thursday just a 10-minute walk away from the Capitol building in Washington DC, where the goal was unabashedly to bolster the Warren brand of the Democratic party. In the belly of the swank Washington Court Hotel—also the host of a recent events for steel wire producers and the beef industry—progressive candidates for municipal and state office across the country had gathered for a four-day affair to create a surge of Democratic candidates in municipal and state elections, and build a movement of rookie Warrens.

The conference, organized by the advocacy group Progressive Change Campaign Committee, was intended to train candidates and activists from states far flung as Wisconsin and Louisiana to run for office and eventually shape national policy. TIME was one of the only publications granted access to the meeting.

Topics covered in the conference included everything from the basics of campaigning to fundraising and using the internet for outreach.

During her personal appearance at the event, Warren offered encouragement to her cult-like horde of devotees:

“You are the progressive bench, and we need a bench,” Warren told them. Dozens of attendees wore identical blue shirts that said, I’m from the Elizabeth Warren wing of the Democratic party.

Here are three questions for the “new” Elizabeth Warrens.

1. Will they all back the Iran Deal while claiming they don’t trust Iran?

2. Do they all think the Planned Parenthood videos are a Republican Party conspiracy?

3. Will they all lie about their ethnic backgrounds to advance their careers?

One last question for the Democratic Party. If Elizabeth Warren is such an amazing candidate, why isn’t she running for president in 2016?