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Third Planned Parenthood video interviews former baby part harvester

Third Planned Parenthood video interviews former baby part harvester

“I thought I was going to be drawing blood, not procuring tissue from aborted fetuses”

Tuesday, the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) released a third undercover video exposing Planned Parenthood’s participation in baby part harvesting.

The first in a series, the third video is entitled, Human Capital – Episode 1: Planned Parenthood’s Black Market in Baby Parts. The “Human Capital” documentary web series, “integrates expert interviews, eyewitness accounts, and real-life undercover interactions to tell the story of Planned Parenthood’s commercial exploitation of aborted fetal tissue,” says the CMP.

The video begins with an interview of Holly O’Donnell, a phlebotomist and former procurement tech for a company called StemExpress. According to O’Donnell, StemExpress partners with Planned Parenthood to harvest baby parts for scientific research and pays Planned Parenthood to use their facilities.

“I thought I was going to be drawing blood, not procuring tissue from aborted fetuses,” said O’Donnell.

Unlike the two previous undercover videos, this one goes into a Planned Parenthood clinic. The CMP exposed Planned Parenthood’s role baby part harvesting, a fact corroborated by the organization’s President Cecil Richards on national news. Now the CMP is shifting focus in an effort to show how Planned Parenthood profits from selling dismembered baby parts.

Be forewarned, the contents of this video are graphic and incredibly difficult to watch:

According to the CMP, “Episode 1 also shows undercover video featuring the Vice President and Medical Director of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains (PPRM) in Denver, CO, Dr. Savita Ginde. PPRM is one of the largest and wealthiest Planned Parenthood affiliates and operates clinics in Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, and Nevada.”

“Standing in the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic pathology laboratory, where fetuses are brought after abortions, Ginde concludes that payment per organ removed from a fetus will be the most beneficial to Planned Parenthood: “I think a per-item thing works a little better, just because we can see how much we can get out of it.”

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quiksilverz24 | July 28, 2015 at 1:41 pm

Not showing the full video, only snippets to make the PP people look bad. It’s the predicted talking point.

To reiterate what Rags says: Lying Liars always Lie.

forced myself to watch it.feel dirty now.

The conversation should begin with: it’s a human life from conception to death.

Abortion! What is it good for? To debase and destroy the exceptional value of human life.

One hopes that the CMP folks have checked to make sure they are within the law regarding legality and admissibility of these undercover recordings. PP said something about the videos invading “patient privacy,” but seems to me that would be an issue only if they showed a person actually in the process of having an abortion or showed unblurred faces of people in the waiting rooms or going in and out of the facilities, since I expect they were not referring to the babies in question as “patients.”

I haven’t been able to bring myself to watch it yet. Just this one quote, which I saw over at Twitchy, has caused me to put it off until I get home and have some time & space to fully take it in:

“I think a per-item thing works a little better, just because we can see how much we can get out of it”

Meanwhile, some guy apparently killed, skinned and “beheaded” a lion in Zimbabwe last week, and the Left are murderously outraged about this wanton destruction of life.

And so it goes.

    4fun in reply to Amy in FL. | July 28, 2015 at 6:03 pm

    Dentist from Minnesota apparently. Once again the wording is designed to elicit the liberal outrage response – skinning and beheading rather than preparing for meals and mounting.
    How else does one get to the meat for consumption and the hide and head for a mount? As one can’t bring meat from Africa back to the U.S. all the meat is either consumed while still on the hunt or the nearest village comes and takes the meat, hide and bones.
    Have “skinned and beheaded” a few animals for my kitchen and walls. I hope to continue to do so for years to come.

I’m going to step over the barbarity for a moment and ask an obvious question which could open them up to countless lawsuits for limitless amounts of $:

Doesn’t the disposition of tissue other than incineration require signature and consent of the mother?

Having some knowledge of the egg donor process (an AWESOME practice that results in LIFE; LIFE that is very precious to the grateful recipients), there is a truck load of legal consent forms involved. Why does the same not apply here?

    rabid wombat in reply to Andy. | July 28, 2015 at 5:01 pm

    Hey Andy,

    I like your direction….think of the “reparations” that could be awarded by the lawsuit….


    Planned Parenthood claims that they obtain “full, appropriate consent from patients and under the highest ethical and legal standards.” Mollie Hemingway looks into whether Planned Parenthood’s own procedures contradict the forms being used.

    Myself, I also wonder how “informed” the “informed consent” truly is. Do they actually explain to the women how their consent is going to alter the way the procedure is performed? Do they even explain in-depth what their “procedure” is going to entail? Or do they just flash them a piece of paper, in one of their most vulnerable moments, and bark “sign here”, possibly even insinuating that it’s something they have to sign in order to get the abortion they want?

    CymryGirl in reply to Andy. | July 28, 2015 at 5:07 pm

    I agree, unless they unwittingly signed something that was hidden in the “small print” of the documents. A patient, thinking she was signing merely to consent to the procedure, could unknowingly also be signing that she understands that her “fetal tissue” can be retained and “donated” for medical research. If a patient is anxious enough to have an abortion, she might sign anything, no matter what it said in the small print, as long as she could get that abortion.

      Andy in reply to CymryGirl. | July 28, 2015 at 5:58 pm

      PP doesn’t want to go there (oh but they are getting taken there NOW!!!).

      Murder in this context is made possible when you can paint the victims as not human. Conversations about organs make the victims human.

      “Yes that is a beating heart we are snuffing out and may we please have your permission to sell it?”

      The less this is like having a mole removed and more like a human life, the more barbaric the act is appears and the less likely a patient is to proceed. At least the ones who aren’t sociopaths.

Ezekiel 8 again – “Do you see, son of man, the abominations they are doing in secret?” For about 5 years, starting 1986, I was involved in operation rescue activities – blockading abortion clinics. I was arrested about 3 dozen times, a good percentage of those being Planned Parenthood. There was always at least one mother who changed her mind at such demonstrations (which is why we called them “rescues”) – one thing that struck me was that about 2/3 of the women coming for abortions said they were there because “I HAVE NO CHOICE.” We almost reached a critical mass – we could have put these death merchants out of business, but there were not quite enough people willing to put up with a little inconvenience, and then Bill Clinton became president and congress (the representatives of the American people) made what we did a federal felony. It’s not THEM (Planned Parenthood and those like them) who are depraved, it is WE, the country, that allows this. One of my most memorable experiences was when a group of us went to the Philadelphia city prison for a 2 day sentence. Because we were only to be there one night, they kept us together, so we stirred up quite a lot of interest when about 15 white guys walked into the lunch room of a prison whose population was about 99% black. So they found out why we were there and next time we walked in for a meal they gave us a standing ovation! I tell you, we never met with such approval from the church of Jesus. What must be the awful reckoning in store for our national sins?

Can’t find it, but at one time I had a meme line drawing of a pregnant woman with a baby and the caption said “Coexist”. Liberals hated that meme wherever I posted it.

Stop all wars….ban guns….we deplore all aggression and violence.
Kill babies ‘n chop up and sell their parts? Gee…..nothin’ wrong with that.

Thank allah that we now have all the knowledge of the human body that we “need”. I guess we better do away with dissection of donated corpses because it’s “too dirty”. And thank allah the interweb and talk shows weren’t around a few hundred years ago or barber/doctors would still be BLEEDING PEOPLE to “cure” them.