Mark Halperin of Bloomberg Politics recently interviewed 2016 Democratic Party presidential candidate Martin O’Malley. Their discussion covered a wide range of topics, but when talk turned to foreign policy, O’Malley suggested that climate change was behind the rise of ISIS.

Transcript and video via Real Clear Politics:

Martin O’Malley: Climate Change Created ISIS

MARTIN O’MALLEY: One of the things that preceded the failure of the nation state of Syria and the rise of ISIS, was the effect of climate change and the mega-drought that affected that nation, wiped out farmers, drove people to cities, created a humanitarian crisis that created the symptoms — or rather, the conditions — of extreme poverty that has now led to the rise of ISIS and this extreme violence.

The interview is approximately six minutes long. To hear the segment on ISIS and climate change, skip to the 3:40 mark:

Climate change seems to be an important issue for O’Malley. Not only does it cause terrorism, it also creates jobs.

From O’Malley’s website:

Op-Ed: A Jobs Agenda for Our Renewable Energy Future

We have come a long way as a nation in making ourselves more energy independent. Now is the time to take this progress to the next level — the future of our country and our planet depends on it.

New technologies now put an independent clean energy future decidedly within our reach as a nation.

But reach for it we must.

Clean energy represents the biggest business and job creation opportunity we’ve seen in a hundred years. Reliance on local, renewable energy sources also means a more secure nation and a more stable world.

Given the grave threat that climate change poses to human life on our planet, we have not only a business imperative but a moral obligation to future generations to act immediately and aggressively.

This is why protecting the United States from the devastating impact of climate change — while capitalizing on the job creation opportunity of clean energy — is at the center of my campaign for President.

Featured image via YouTube.

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