We’ve seen some slick, modern advertising out of 2016 Republican field so far, but Mike Huckabee decided to go in a different direction with his latest ad hitting the Obama Administration over its irresponsible Iran policy.

Huckabee’s ad is a reboot of a 1964 ad backing Lyndon B. Johnson in his reelection bid against Barry Goldwater. “Daisy” depicted a small girl counting up as she picks petals off of a flower; when she reaches 10, a voiceover counts down to zero, and a nuclear bomb explodes.

Here is the original:

The reboot features the DNC video, plus scrolling text urging supporters to sign a letter to John Kerry on Huckabee’s website.

Check it out:

This isn’t the first time a candidate has taken a page from LBJ’s book. Back in 2011 Republican Mark Reed used a version of the “Daisy” ad to hit back at California democrats’ lukewarm response to the threat against Israel:

Huckabee’s ad is timely considering the state of US policy toward Iran. Negotiating parties in Vienna just gave themselves their third extension in two weeks, with the goal of reaching a final nuclear deal between the west and Tehran by Monday.

The ad is melodramatic, but at this point, the situation could use a little melodrama. Critics are accusing Huckabee of fearmongering, but—and this is just a thought—perhaps Americans need a little bit of fear injected into their world view when it comes to Iran.

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