Wow, just wow.

Republican Mark Reed is running for Congress in California’s 30th District against Democratic Congressmen Brad Sherman and Howard Berman in a new district resulting from redistricting.  Reed is a conservative, Tea Party backer.

Reed is making a big deal about the Obama administration’s policy towards Israel, and is making the silence of the two  Democratic Congressmen (Berman and Sherman) an issue:

Israel’s very existence is threatened and the current administration continues to treat it and its Prime Minister not as close allies but as insignificant. Now, Brad Sherman and Howard Berman, my two opponents in the upcoming primary for California’s 30th District Congressional seat, are both quietly distancing themselves from the very same person they helped elect — only to get themselves re-elected!

I’m not challenging their support for, or emotional connection to, Israel; however, I want you to take a serious look at their silence concerning the Middle East and the State of Israel, our only true friend in the region.

Reed has come out with a powerful video ad which is reminisent of LBJ’s Daisy commercial.  The ad and the point about silence is all the more powerful because Reed is running against two Jewish congressmen.

Like I said, Wow, just Wow.


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