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Hillary Defends Planned Parenthood After “Attack”

Hillary Defends Planned Parenthood After “Attack”

War on women

If you listen to Hillary Clinton and the mainstream media, you might think Planned Parenthood is a victim and not the unborn babies whose organs were harvested and bargained over like a bunch of spare parts.

Our watchdog media hasn’t thrust a microphone into Mrs. Clinton’s face asking for comment like they would do with Republicans, they’ve just allowed her to address the scandal on her own terms, and in Hillary’s world, it’s Planned Parenthood which needs defending.

Here’s a recent report from Alex Seitz-Wald at NBC News:

Hillary Clinton Defends Embattled Planned Parenthood

Hillary Clinton strongly defended Planned Parenthood Thursday as the women’s health organization reels from the fallout over a sting video released by anti-abortion activists earlier this month.

“For more than a century, Planned Parenthood has provided essential services for women,” Clinton said while campaigning at a community college in Greenville, South Carolina. “And I think it is unfortunate that Planned Parenthood has been the object of such a concerted attack for so many years. And it’s really an attack against a woman’s right to chose.”

Here’s a video of Hillary’s comments via CBS News:

Kristinn Taylor of the Gateway Pundit reports that Democrats want to investigate the group which exposed all of this, not Planned Parenthood.

No matter where you stand on the issue of abortion, it’s rather stunning to hear the Democratic Party’s leading presidential candidate defending the discussion of baby hearts, lungs and livers as items for sale.

Twitchy has a round-up of reactions:

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LukeHandCool | July 25, 2015 at 10:43 am

With all the anger the pro-abortionists are sending their way …

… I’ll bet those two female abortion “doctors” who spilled the beans …

… just feel like curling up in the fetal position.

It’s not surprising that Hillbaby would support the killing of baby babies. Part of that is due to Planned Parenthood’s deceptive name. The Clintons thrive on deception. Kind of like what the meaning of “is” is. Planned Parenthood doesn’t make plans for you to be a parent. Quite the opposite. As Herman Cain once said, “It’s not Planned Parenthood. No, it’s planned genocide. You can quote me on that.”

That lying old hag should not be allowed to get away with that.

Somebody is going to force her to answer direct, hard questions about the violation by Planned Abortionhood of various laws.

Watch and see.

    platypus in reply to Ragspierre. | July 25, 2015 at 2:44 pm

    Also, she needs to be slammed for her lack of actual concern for ‘the little people’ unlike her lying rhetoric.

MacsenMcBain | July 25, 2015 at 11:17 am

My disgust for the practice of abortion has long since been eclipsed by my disgust for its “defenders” (i.e., promoters).

    platypus in reply to MacsenMcBain. | July 25, 2015 at 2:46 pm

    It sort of reminds me that the coverup is almost always worse than the crime. In this case, that is not possible but the defenders are sure equal in ghoulishness.

Are the services PP provides to women free? Can I or anyone go to PP and get a cancer screen for free?

    Chicklet in reply to betty. | July 25, 2015 at 2:26 pm

    Can you get a mammogram, no. They don’t do those- you can get a referral though. They claim to do about 700,000 pap smears and breast exams, but the main business is abortion.

    Over 1,500,000 ‘morning after’ abortion pill kits are dispensed and about 350,000 abortions are done there. Anyone, well into the 9th month can get an abortion, if you’d rather have a girl, fine. If you’re 14 and live at home, fine. Of course the media spin is perfect, less than 60% of young adults know that abortions are done at Planned Parenthood, they think it’s just a nice friendly place to get free condoms. Bah!

      platypus in reply to Chicklet. | July 25, 2015 at 2:52 pm

      You can get referrals from the Yellow Pages or even Google. That is hardly justification for a $1000/year subsidy let alone half a billion.

      Face it – these people are the worst ghouls on the planet (shared with ISIS) and deserve a lot more than we are allowed to dispense. Eric Rudolph is in supermax; why? He had the same premeditation that these thugs have.

These people have no souls. It doesn’t matter what PP does, they will be defended by the Devil’s minions.

They could be ripping fetuses from the womb and shooting them with guns, and the minions would still be doing a happy dance.

These two videos were two of the most troubling and disgusting things I have seen in years. More people need to be exposed to the cavalier attitudes of these butchers. I literally was sick to my stomach watching the first witch chomp her kale salad and swig her wine as she talked about the price of livers and SA nodes. The other greedy pick, hoping for a Mazeratti, as she bargained over fetal organs was despicable!
Wake up America, there is so much evil in our midst.

Any time you have an activity that is regulated, there will be abuses.

The Kermit Gosnell case was about the abuses and clear violations of the law that can occur in an abortion clinic.

The current videos show Planned Parenthood (possibly) violating Federal law by selling human body parts, and are some evidence that Planned Parenthood engages in prohibited abortion procedures by altering the abortion procedure for the purpose of providing body parts.

Refusal to admit that abuses of our laws can occur, and failure to agree that abuses should be investigated, points to a lack of concern for our laws. No person, or organization, should be above the law. If the law is wrong, we can change it,

    Ragspierre in reply to Valerie. | July 25, 2015 at 1:02 pm

    Now, now. You’ve got this all wrong!

    See, to Collectivists, laws are the very embodiment of the Shmoo, the little creature that becomes anything you want, and is delighted to be your meal or servant, depending…

    The Shmoo/law critter will be your cudgel to beat up the bad conservatives when needed. OR it will happily be your silent and sacrificial friend when someone else tries to use it against you. It just dies in quiet complacency.

    See now?

But their concern for human life after birth is genuine. Their principles (e.g. pro-choice) are evidence of ulterior motives. A class of people can only legitimately be judged on commonly held principles or uniform behaviors. Democrats made a deal for the dead and their marketable parts.

Conservative leaders, especially our black conservative leaders, need to advise black ministers and community leaders to talk about this issue to their congregations and neighbors. An outrageous percentage of black babies are being slaughtered each year. It is that uproar the media will have a hard time ignoring. It is a golden opportunity for conservatives to stand with the black community. Perhaps then they will listen to us on other issues.

    TB in reply to gasper. | July 25, 2015 at 1:37 pm

    In the case of a city such as Chicago, Illinois, that’s hardly news.

    They typically grow up to rob, burgle, rape, murder, and so on. Either that or become… an obamination.

    I’m disgusted with what PP is doing as well. There are people that should be in prison right now involved in all of this.

    Yet I am equally disgusted by irresponsible breeding that is being subsidized by the government using taxpayer dollars. The breeding of children that are almost guaranteed to become the criminals that prey on society tomorrow.

    Abortion is a problem, but it is only PART of a much bigger problem.

      gasper in reply to TB. | July 25, 2015 at 3:09 pm

      You can’t address the problems you mention without a conversation. Until black people understand there is no stigma in being a conservative we cannot begin that conversation. All the problems you cite originated in liberal policies and that is the message that needs to resonate. Not all blacks, even those in Chicago, are the way you describe them. It is wrong to put that label on an entire population.

    platypus in reply to gasper. | July 25, 2015 at 2:58 pm

    The percentage is 33% overall, from a population group that is about 14% of the total.

With her support for the human destruction project named Planned Parent Hoodlums, Hillary is using the smoke and mirror trick.

Hillary wants to deflect the heat she is taking on the personal email server illegally USED by her as Secretary of State. She wants to “get the facts right” after she has willfully aborted-sucked out-the truth.

Clinton is disingenuous to the core, this Hillary Rogueham.

Given that a recent news article said that in NYC more Black babies were aborted last year then born alive, and that PP is selling organs from the bodies of aborted babies, Margaret Sanger would be so proud, especially about meeting an objective of hers regarding Black babies and PP.

OBTW: It’s not necessarily true that she ever shouted out: “Eugenics now, Eugenics tomorrow, Eugenics forever” but maybe I got that quote slightly wrong; not her intent, just the quote!

    I was on a business trip in Maryland, went jogging one morning, saw a billboard spray painted with “support abortion, kill black babies, KKK”. Horrifically, the graffiti artist had a point.

      Yeah, isn’t it fascinating that Margaret Sanger agreed with that other strong (Albeit, foreign!) exponent of Eugenics and getting rid of peoples considered to be undesirable! But, then, according to the Socialist defined rules of argumentation and social discourse, anyone who brings that point up, directly, losses.

      Still, I’m proud to be on the side that deplores eugenics and abortion (As now demanded by the Democrat Party) as practiced by PP!

      Somehow, the recent demand to remove even any mention of the Old Confederacy ignores that Sanger was very much in line with that slave owning mentality, plus that of the KKK, and that of European strains of socialism as found in Central Europe and Eastern Europe. Also, there is some evidence that Sanger’s views on what she considered to be undesirable peoples was shared with some of those European groups.

      Sanger: A driving force for the likes of PP and the views of some European despots plus also she’s very disgusting too as a person.

U.S. Abortion History: The 200-year history of abortion in America goes back way beyond 1973.

It’s an evolutionary — chaotic — history, from rejection to tolerance, from tolerance to normalization, and contributing factors.

Check your uterus, Clinton. We all, women and men, girls and boys, and babies, too, have a stake in conserving the exceptional value of human life.

FrankNatoli | July 25, 2015 at 3:44 pm

“For more than a century, Planned Parenthood has provided essential services for women”
And what “essential services” might that be?
Might those “essential services” be tearing a fetus limb from limb to destroy the consequences of women having coitus with men whom they do not wish to make children with?
Hey. Ladies. How about raising your standards? How about insisting on a higher grade of men, whom you might consider worthy of creating life with?

    The German Socialists also provided essential services (less the quotes), until they became advocates for a “final solution”.

    Planned Parenthood should turn over their abortion business to the Democrats and retain only the parts that do not advocate and service indiscriminate killing of [wholly innocent] human lives [for profit].

    On the other hand, we could send the natural born killers to confront the terrorists in second and third-world nations. They could be designated the PC (Pro-Choice) abortion squad with an insignia depicting one of the millions of babies they dismembered — harvested, and redistributed — as a “charitable” service. They may yet serve to secure human rights.

    Besides, there are other [nonjudgmental] organizations that provide essential services to women and girls. The only critical services that Planned Parenthood uniquely provides is advocacy and performance of elective abortion… and perhaps harvesting and marketing of baby parts.

    Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. The Democrats are very overt in how they suppress issues (e.g. economic stagnation, social dysfunction, sexual dysfunction) in order to enjoy a clean and stable environment.

Hillary Clinton got laid once. And that’s probably it — which explains her lunacy.

She had her chance at glory by having an abortion, and like everything else she does, she blew it. Considering the result, she let down humanity.

On the other hand, Michelle Obama seems to have bragging rights, having gotten laid twice. Though we cannot be sure by who. Or by what:

Sammy Finkelman | July 26, 2015 at 9:42 am

You notice, I think, that Hillary Clinton did not describe what was the nature of the “attack” on Planned Parenthood.

This was not an accidental or a timesaving omission.

That’s a key element of the Clinton style: Don’t inform anyone, who doesn’t already know, of anything bad about them, or about whatever or whoever they are siding with.

Sammy Finkelman | July 26, 2015 at 9:53 am

Valerie: some evidence that Planned Parenthood engages in prohibited abortion procedures by altering the abortion procedure for the purpose of providing body parts.

I think that is only prohibited by medical ethics, not federal or state law.

Also, if any harm to the woman can be traced to it, it might be grounds for a lawsuit.