On Sunday, May 31, 2015, I reported from Sderot, Israel, on the history of rocket and mortar fire from Gaza, and the extensive preparation of bomb shelters and emergency protocols: Israelis shelter in place near Gaza.

This week Israel is in a nationwide drill, testing sirens that will warn of incoming missiles and rockets. The drills have been implemented on the assumption that Hezbollah, Syria, and Hamas will be able to fire thousands per day.

Today two sirens were sounded. I was in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City when the 7:05 p.m. (local) siren sounded:

Speaking of the Jewish Quarter, the historical truth of the illegal conquest by Jordan and subsequent ethic cleansing of Jews is long down the memory hole.

But there is a sign to remind people:

Jerusalem Old City Jewish Quarter Sign Jordan Capture

The Old City, as usual, looked marvelous:

Jerusalem Western Wall June 2 2015

Jerusalem Old City Wall

Jerusalem Old City Jewish Quarter Sign

You know who else looked marvelous? The famous Carl In Jerusalem from Israel Matzav.

Here we are together in 2013.

[Carl in Jerusalem and William Jacobson, 2013]

[Carl in Jerusalem and William Jacobson, 2013]

And here we are together in 2015, in the same spot:

William A. Jacobson Carl in Jerusalem

[Carl in Jerusalem and William A. Jacobson, 2015]

I think he has weathered better than I have. (At which point you protest, saying no, not at all, you still look marvelous too.)


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