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I saw Jurassic World and understand why feminists hate it

I saw Jurassic World and understand why feminists hate it

Because it was a great movie

Last month we discussed feminist angst over summer blockbuster, Jurassic World. Evidently, the film’s traditional gender roles were another tool of the patriarchy to keep women in the kitchen… or something.

It should be noted that in an age where gender roles are a matter of choice, if one chooses to go the traditional route, the decision should be applauded. But when has any leftist faction ever employed ideological consistency?

In any case, back to Jurassic World.

Be forewarned: Spoilers ahead, though I’ve tried to keep them vague.

If you enjoyed Jurassic Park, you’ll love Jurassic World. I fully expected a modern redux of the original dino-park dream turn nightmare, but was pleasantly surprised. Jurassic World holds its own with plenty of subtle and not so subtle nods to its predecessor.

Before the film hit the silver screen, there was much ado about the film’s traditional gender roles — at least among the feminists. Based on the trailer alone, they decried the portrayal of a stiff-shirted woman who needed the help of a man (heaven forbid!).

Watching the film in its entirety, some of that holds true. Sort of.

Yes, the female lead “Claire”, played by Bryce Dallas Howard (daughter or Ron Howard), was a “stiff” character. But despite her stodgy, control-freak persona, Claire is also the brains behind Jurassic World seeing as she runs the whole shebang. One would think a strong, talented, successful female character would be a point for feminists.

Claire’s nephews board a plane for Costa Rica where they’re supposed to spend time with their career-driven aunt whom they haven’t seen in seven years. But Claire’s dedication to running Jurassic World requires that she leave her nephews in the care of her inattentive assistant. The boys escape custody of their British babysitter and wander off right around the time a security situation arises. It’s at this point that Claire turns to Owen (played by leading man, Chris Pratt) for help.

Before mounting a rescue effort, Owen asks Claire to describe her nephews. Claire’s poor attempt to do so reveals she doesn’t know how old her nephews are. She’s been far too busy with work to pay attention to her family, you see. (Point for traditionalists?).

Claire and Owen set off to find the boys. Perhaps had Claire ventured off on her own without the accompaniment of a male dinosaur behavioral expert, that would be feminist approved? There is an incident during Claire and Owen’s adventure-filled nephew-finding-quest where Claire grabs a gun and angrily shoots a beast that’s relentlessly attacking Owen. But she used a gun and not a hashtag, so that’s probably a point for right-wingers.

In the end, Claire and Owen ultimately save the boys and the lives of park goers. But since a man and a woman worked together as a team, that’s probably at least 15 points for traditionalists.

For those that care, Jurassic World scores big on the traditionalist stage. For those that don’t (this includes me), go see the movie. It’s wildly entertaining, chock-full of action and there are dinosaurs aplenty. What more could you ask for in a summer flick?

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Henry Hawkins | June 12, 2015 at 5:21 pm

As a masculinist, I refuse to watch a movie with a male hero named ‘Owen’. It has to be Jack, Buzz, J.R., Killer, something like that. Not Owen.

Want to empower feminist loons?

Do anything besides ignore them as the useless and irrelevant teats on boars that they are.

(see what I did there with the gender role triple insult?)

    platypus in reply to Andy. | June 13, 2015 at 1:51 am

    For what you did there, you win the big teddy bear. Give the professor your mailing address and he’ll get it right out to you in time for Father’s Day.

Owen is certainly a manly name.

Go read Larry Correia’s “Monster Hunter International” series.

The main (viewpoint) character in most of the books is “Owen Zastava Pitt”

“Earl” Harbinger is one of the biggest badasses you will ever meet… not even counting what makes him… special (trying to avoid a spoiler)

This is a series that uses a snow cutter to make (literal) mincemeat of a horde of undead werewolves.

Guns, monsters, more guns, and oh yeah, dead monsters.

I have a wife like that. She was the class valedictorian of my law school class. Way younger than me and good looking, too. She’s hard working and driven. Makes far more than I do, but spends a lot of it on me (new truck, trip to Antarctica and dozens of exotic places). She’s a Senior Vice President and General Counsel for a very large bank. She sits on the Management Committee which runs the bank. Of course I’m awed and respectful. That’s why I call her Little Miss Management.

But she used a gun and not a hashtag

She had other tools besides hashtags available to her. She could have started crying or peed herself… if it will stop a rapist, it should certainly stop a dinosaur.

Assuming the choice was simply between a hashtag and something evil like a gun is microaggression.

As I watched this movie, I could see why the feminists were offended. My ire began to grow. But then, I started to suspect that this Jurassic World movie might be fiction. Perhaps it is just meant to entertain. I’ll watch it again and look for clues.

I watched “On Frozen Ground” last night…the true story of a Alaskan psychopath who killed dozens of young women and raped dozens of others.

He was finally stopped by a squad of strong, dedicated men.

That must have made lots of feminazi heads explode.


Gremlin1974 | June 13, 2015 at 7:33 pm

Just got back from seeing this 5 star film and the only way anyone could say that the movie was anti-feminist is if they are the type that believe that men should bow down and be subservient to women.

Actually, that is probably why they hate it, because the Man and woman develope a pretty equal relationship in the end.

Here is the issue. Claire states she doesn’t want children, she is dismissed by her sister. By the end of the movie they go out of their way to prove to Claire she is wrong and that women cannot be happy without being pregnant.

At one point she shoots a Pterodactyl and saves Owen. The next seen her nephews say they want to go with Owen, not her. They repeatedly say he is bad ass and don’t give her any credit for being a bad ass her self.

Those are major issues my wife and I had while watching the film.

Not to mention the horrible anti-science message it portrayed, but that is a different story.


Jurassic World and Park are and is AMAZING! It brings everything and gives everything that you would want from a film. The main character isn’t male, the main character is a woman, of course you wouldn’t know because you didn’t care to watch it because you don’t have an imagination. Don’t judge it, it made me cry at the end (and in between when a dinosaur died for no good reason) because I didn’t want it to end.