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Feminists freak out over ‘Jurassic World’

Feminists freak out over ‘Jurassic World’

Feminists vs. Reality: Round 27,908

Leave it to feminists to be incensed over a dinosaur movie.

“Jurassic World” hits theaters June 12. Presumably a redux of “Jurassic Park,” but this time with one dude taking out dinosaurs instead of a motley crew of paleontologists, it’s a film I can’t wait to see on the silver screen. But that’s probably because I’m not a feminist.

In this edition of Feminists vs. Reality, the gripe is with (gasp!) traditional gender roles.

According to NYU Local, Joss Whedon is to blame for reminding feminists they should be infuriated by traditional gender rolls instead of swooning over leading man, Chris Pratt:

When a clip from Jurassic World featuring Pratt and his co-star Bryce Dallas Howard was released on the Internet last week, Joss Whedon, director of the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron and well known feminist, had some major gripes with what he saw.

Online feminist entertainment blog The Mary Sue tweeted out a link to the Jurassic World scene, commenting, “We’re too busy fanning ourselves to talk more about Chris Pratt in this #JurassicWorld clip.” Joss Whedon used his own Twitter account to reply: “…and I’m too busy wishing this clip wasn’t 70’s era sexist. She’s a stiff, he’s a life-force – really? Still?” He has since stated in an interview with Variety that he regrets sending the tweet, saying that Twitter was the wrong medium for such negative comments, but Whedon hasn’t retracted the opinion he expressed to his 1.12 million followers.

Whedon has since abandoned Twitter, but his tweeted seed of outrage has blossomed into a hideously stupid monstrosity.

The NYU Local continues:

Joss Whedon’s tweet wasn’t so wrong though. Upon viewing the Jurassic World clip it’s immediately apparent that Pratt and Howard’s characters fall into stereotypical tropes that are less than progressive. It’s nice that Bryce Dallas Howard plays a female scientist, but if she’s just going to play it straight-laced and one-dimensional the role isn’t really making great strides for women in show business. And the fact that Chris Pratt’s chill, fun-loving character doesn’t stop with his entendre-filled come-ons after Howard’s character rebuffs his advances is disrespectful.

A lot of the controversy surrounding Whedon’s comment comes from those who are upset with him for calling out sexism while not being completely innocent of it himself. Though he’s known for writing strong female characters on his shows, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, Angel, and Dollhouse, plenty of people on the Internet have taken note of times where he was less than inclusive with his brand of feminism. There have been occasions where he let white actresses take on roles originally intended for women of color, and non-white slayers are killed while Faith and Buffy survive. A whole collection of Whedon’s offenses can be found on the aptly named site, “,” but just because he may not have been perfect doesn’t mean that his points about Jurassic World are not valid. It’s 2015, and there’s no excuse for not writing complex, three-dimensional characters.

This is the video clip in question:

CAN YOU BELIEVE HOW SEXIST IT IS?! “It’s 2015, and there’s no excuse for not writing complex, three-dimensional characters.”


I don’t want to see a dinosaur movie that doubles as an exposé illustrating how so and so broke free from the chains of a gender stereotype in order to accomplish a ground-breaking scientific feat, because newsflash — NO ONE CARES. Cripes. We hardly get any dinosaur movies as it is, is it too much to ask that they come without social commentary?

The best way to instantly lame up any movie? Smear feminist insecurities allllllll over it.

Imagine for a moment what a “socially correct” ‘Jurassic World’ plot might look like… A leading lady, accompanied by a dumb man (the man MUST be intellectually inferior to further drive home feminine ingenuity and ability to stick it to the patriarchy) would encourage the rogue, petri dish-created mutant dinorexasaurus to share its feelings in interpretive paintings a la gorillas at the DC Zoo.

The dino drawings reveal (insert another super smart, but totally erroneous non-cisgendered character here to interpret the paintings) deep rooted animosity towards dinorexasaurus’ creator. It’s alone in the world, unlike any other species in its genus. It just wants to be loved, don’t you see? If only mankind (or personkind? I don’t eve know what the PC term is) had hugged it sooner and understood that when it was decapitating the groundskeepers, it was really just crying for help! Plus it can’t control its actions because climate change triggers its rage. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see that movie?

Excuse me while I barf.

As for the film’s leading man Chris Pratt? He’s way ahead of the curve. A few days ago, he made what’s probably the most perfect statement in the history of statements:

Chris Pratt Jurassic World feminists facebook statement apology

Leave the dinosaur movies alone and keep the social commentary for the trite, self-loathing, indie films that no one watches anyway.

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pretty obviously, if it doesn’t expose White Privilege, Heteronormal Patriarchy, Climate Change, and the Heartbreak of Psoriasis, it’s garbage fit only for the vast majorities


Why don’t I ever hear about the inequality of only requiring 18 year old males to register for the draft? Why aren’t the lovely ladies demanding reparations by instituting a female only draft for, like, 5,000 or 6,000 years or so.

I have no desire, whatsoever, to see any movie with feminist (particularly 3rd wave) themes or characters.

Ho hum. Nothing Jurassic in there. That goof Spielberg couldn’t tell his Jurassic from his Cretaceous if it was tattooed onto his bank account.

Cisgender? Too – many – labels! There is only heterosexual and transsexual (including homosexual, asexual, bisexual, etc.).

Feminists, abort your sons now. All of them. Save them from the suffering of FICD (Feminist-Induced Cognitive Dissonance) later.

They really ought to have a SJW in the movie, but only so that they can reprise the lawyer’s demise in the first film.

As I recall, in the original _Jurassic Park_ the dinosaurs could change sex. They should revive this story line, then start putting out PR about how their movie attacks binary gender.

Gremlin1974 | May 27, 2015 at 12:52 am

Ok, the giggles have calmed slightly now, so let me get this straight.

A Man, said that the movie was anti-feminist or not feminist enough. So the Female feminist jump on board and follow the man? Shouldn’t they have been disagreeing with Jos?

Love the statement by Chris Pratt.

Hey to all the SJW’s out there not every movie, book, and play has to include some issue! Does anyone else remember when entertainment, was just that, entertaining?

    Janelle in reply to Gremlin1974. | May 27, 2015 at 9:32 am

    I had the same reaction, Gremlin. It’s a summer dinosaur film, for pete’s sake!
    “Feminists”, if you need to find something to protest about…….one suggestion; the treatment of women/girls in the Middle East.

      onlyabill in reply to Janelle. | May 28, 2015 at 2:08 pm

      What! Lord NO! There might be [you know] actual consequences for doing that! They still stone people over there, over silly things like cartoons and stuff! Far, far safer to sit in my livingroom over here and rage against “the man”. Yelling “patriarchy” in America gets you a “you go girl!” whereas doing over there might just end up costing you your head!

    peg_c in reply to Gremlin1974. | May 27, 2015 at 11:22 am

    Hollywood is not making movies for us – they despise us. They’re making them for each other. Those movies don’t make money, though. Right before one of the “Transformers” movies came out, Megan Fox very loudly condemned and expressed extreme loathing for “Middle America,” flyover country, possibly Tea Partiers by name, etc. The very people that support her lavish lifestyle. I’ve refused to see any movie with her since.

It just might be the ‘feminists’ are panicking about this movie because they are seeing themselves: dinosaurs, about to face extinction.

Wow, Whedon is a world class pussy. He takes a little flack for depicting traditional female roles in Ultron and tries to get back on the good side of the freakshow that just attacked him. Need contestants for a tampon-eating contest? Whedon’s in!

legalizehazing | May 27, 2015 at 4:02 am

Don’t care, firefly. Man can do no wrong lol.

healthguyfsu | May 27, 2015 at 7:41 am

What about the non-traditional female role of lead scientist on this ground breaking project? No points there eh feminism?

Seems these types are hooked on exposure to the media and must get out there whatever the excuse.

Liberals entire world revolves around whether they have a ding dong or a hoo hoo and how they feel about it.

They are born, look down into their underpants and never look up again.

    Not A Member of Any Organized Political in reply to JohnC. | May 28, 2015 at 1:04 pm

    Yeah, Liberals are the MOST sexist people in the universe!

If I recall, since I don’t plan to google it…the dinosaurs in Jurassic World .. the first one… were capable of producing offspring without any male dinosaurs…

Doesn’t that prehistoric approach seem to be how feminists respond to the world…only they are jealous because they can’t be like these dinosaurs..well, other than in this reproductive manner…

I call BS on Wheedon’s observation, even on its own terms. The clip shows very little of either main character….how can you make any kind of judgment from that? It shows a few seconds of a powerful scientist speaking and acting in a reserved fashion; imagine that! It shows a few seconds of a cowboy acting like a cowboy. If the cowboy was a three-dimensional character, I missed that. There’s a second trailer, which I also watched. Again, not much to go by, but the scientist showed more emotion, and the cowboy was still pretty much a cowboy.

    PaulM in reply to RigelDog. | May 29, 2015 at 9:11 pm

    Whedon is still full of BS, but the trailer above is not the one he was commenting on. There’s another trailer where Pratt and Howard are talking in front of his cabin for a short time – that’s the one that got Whedon’s panties twisted.

“if she’s just going to play it straight-laced and one-dimensional”

These people expected an awful lot from one tiny clip. It’s a whole movie, ya’ll! It’s obvious that she’s going to move through being annoyed at him, to relying on him, to kissing in the last real. That may be traditional, but that’s a formula because it works.

Also, this is a movie about dinosaurs. Maybe take a chill pill.

Henry Hawkins | May 27, 2015 at 1:58 pm

Leftism and its subparts – sexism, feminism, racism, ismism, etc. – take the shotgun approach with their ‘PR’. They call EVERYTHING sexist, racist, whatever, and then sit back to see if anything gets some traction in the media. Then they ride it for whatever they can milk out of it. This is called ‘community organizing’, wherein the whole world or just you in your house is a ‘community’ that needs reforming right damn now.

It is a curious thing. Fully half of my professors in Biology were female, but for all purposes as an undergraduate, their gender did not make any difference. One in particular stands out as one of the most resilient, aka ‘tough”, individuals you would ever meet:

“Edna [Seaman] was born in Warsaw, Poland, in 1932. When the Nazis invaded in 1939, she and her parents fled to Russia and spent nearly two years in a Siberian labor camp. Food was scarce, and her mother joked about making “soup on a nail,” the title Edna chose for her memoir completed in 2011. In the 1948 Arab-Israeli war, Edna was wounded when a bomb fell in the street near her home; decades later, she would pronounce HP parking spaces to be “worth an arm and a leg.

After recovering from her wounds in an Israeli hospital, she lived with relatives in New York, where she earned a B.S. in Biology from Brooklyn College (1956). In 1960, she received a Ph.D. in Microbiology from the University of Illinois, where she studied with the world-renowned molecular biologist, Sol Spiegelman.

Meanwhile, she married Dr. Richard Seaman, a clinical psychologist, and the couple moved to Boston, where she was a Post-Doctoral Fellow and Senior Research Associate in Biochemistry at Brandeis University (1960-1968). During a 1976-77 sabbatical, her husband and three children accompanied her to Israel, where she was Visiting Research Associate at the Weizmann Institute in Rehovot. Astonishing fellow biologists with her patience and dexterity in performing experiments one-handed, she variously mentored many students and faculty. As a deeply respected administrator, she also mentored many people who later assumed key roles in the University.”

Her quiet message to us when we were struggling freshman biologist wannabe’s from the one-armed and one-legged specialist in virology? “If I can do it, so can you.”

Let me say up front that I have NOT seen the movie and am only going by the posted trailer…

So, real, revived, rebuilt dinosaurs are not bad enough to have near a herd of soft, chewy humans, they had to have a scientist create an entirely new dinosaur to be the “villain” of the film [evil man-made villain]? All of the “revived” dinosaurs were planning to play nice with the [soft, chewy] people until the EVIL man-made dinosaur sat them all down and explained to them that humans are slower than you, softer than you, tastier than you, and already warm! Them GOOD eats! Until then, it had not occurred to the other dinosaurs that we were food…

This movie is really a metaphor for capitalism! The dinosaurs are Walmart! Picking clean the bones of the poor for their own appetites for profits!

/sarc, OK, that was fun!

Notice all feminism ever does is want to make anyone who does not walk in lockstep be on the defensive. Meaning the always present “Why didn’t you do [x]?”

What feminism **NEVER** does is ask for (nor demand) accountability, a single standard, nor condemn stereotypical female behavior.

For example, men have stereotypical behaviors (not always nor inclusive), and so do women.

So – WHERE!? – where are the female parts where the woman causes a crap ton of drama and turmoil with her whisper campaigns, her petty comments, and her constantly conflicting demands? IOW – a real world good but flawed woman who is as real as they expect the men to be?

Feminism is not about equality – it’s about catering to women’s wants and gaining women the upper hand in any endeavor they want, using the mechanism of victimhood.