Many people have written about our media which, with few exceptions, has become an arm of the Democratic Party. The other casualty of this era is the world of comedy.

Last year, I wrote about it in a piece titled Cowardly Comedy in the Age of Obama.

Little has changed since then. Most American comedians seem to have no problem speaking truth to power when Republicans are in charge but have found themselves unable to do so for the last seven years. It’s obvious that many of these same comics are hoping to carry their sad act into the age of Hillary as well.

David Rutz of the Washington Free Beacon put together the informative reel below which shows the lopsided treatment the left gets from America’s court jesters.

Of course, there are consequences for all of this.

Yesterday, I posted a story on College Insurrection which is nothing short of stunning. According to Jerry Seinfeld, many comedians are deliberately avoiding American college campuses because they’re too PC.

Maybe it’s comedians themselves who are partly to blame for this.

Featured image via YouTube.


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