Have you noticed that the same media that uses words like “extreme” to describe Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, and other Republicans finds nothing out of the ordinary when it comes to Bernie Sanders?

Sanders, who wants a 90% tax rate for the wealthiest Americans, and recently came under fire for a 1972 column describing female rape fantasies, describes himself as a socialist—yet the media treats him like a viable candidate for 2016.

Socialism is the most important aspect of Sanders’ political identity and goes a long way in helping us understand the media’s kid-glove treatment of him.

Jennifer Harper of the Washington Times:

The Bernie Effect: Media normalize socialism

There’s yet another trend in the trendy news media, identified by more than one concerned critic. Consider a new Investor’s Business Daily editorial titled “The soft-soaping of socialism in the U.S.” The publication focuses on the happy-go-lucky press coverage of a certain Vermont independent making a vigorous run for the White House as a Democrat.

“Bernie Sanders is coming on as a presidential contender, while polls show surprisingly large parts of the public look favorably on the socialism he espouses. The public apparently has forgotten socialism’s record. For years, Sanders, an avowed, unapologetic socialist, was viewed as an anomaly of U.S. political life, an eccentric whose atypical ideology reflected the supposed quirkiness of his home state of Vermont,” the editorial says.

“Now that’s changed, and with Democrats worried about the scandals surrounding their top candidate, Hillary Clinton, Sanders is attracting ever-bigger audiences on the campaign trail. Polls show him at 15 percent of the Democratic tally. Maybe that’s because Sanders is portrayed in the media as ‘a normal guy’ — as a Washington Post headline put it — while liberal media doyen Bill Moyer headlined ‘despite what corporate media tells you, Bernie Sanders’ positions are mainstream.’ In the Huffington Post, distinguished professor Peter Dreier of Occidental College, one of Barack Obama’s alma maters, declared, ‘Bernie Sanders’ socialism is as American as apple pie.’ “

In a way, we’re witnessing a replay of the 2008 election. The Democratic Party’s far left base is once again rejecting Hillary Clinton in favor of a far left candidate and just like then, the liberal media is leading the way.

Look at these headlines:

There are plenty more just like that being published daily.

Finally, watch the recent tongue bath Sanders got from late night host Seth Meyers:

We are witnessing a campaign by progressives in media to make Bernie Sanders’ ideas look mainstream.

They’ll vote for Hillary Clinton if they have to, but they want someone like Sanders and they’ll do anything to make him look as non-controversial as possible.

Their enthusiasm for his ideas shows just how far left the Democratic Party has drifted.

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