The American people are learning that Hillary Clinton doesn’t like to answer questions and a new ad from American Crossroads focuses like a laser on the issue:

New American Crossroads Ad Calls Out Hillary Clinton for Dodging Tough Questions

WASHINGTON – Today, American Crossroads released a new web ad calling out Hillary Clinton for continuing to dodge tough questions and provide non-answers to the few inquiries to which she has been forced to respond.

“Despite being a candidate for president, Hillary Clinton is determined to dodge important questions about her positions and provide non-answers to inquiries about her ethical troubles,” said Ian Prior, Communications Director for American Crossroads. “Whether the issue is trade, the Keystone Pipeline, or the influence of foreign donors, Americans deserve better than transparent spin and crickets from Hillary Clinton.”

Watch the ad:

As long as we’re on Hillary ads, there’s another one I’d like to share with you.

Jon Gabriel of Ricochet and Caleb Howe of Redstate teamed up to create a new ad which features some imagery you might find familiar:

Stay out of the water, folks.

Featured image via YouTube.