You may have noticed that our unbiased media is asking Republicans lots of questions about the Iraq War.

Hillary Clinton is the only 2016 candidate who voted for the Iraq War as a senator; she was also directly involved with the war in her role at the State Department. Perhaps she deserves a few similar questions—when she finally decides to take one.

Last night, Bill O’Reilly opened his show by discussing new initiatives America is taking to deal with ISIS, but as Charles Krauthammer pointed out, there are many questions Hillary Clinton still has to answer on this subject.

As a senator, she opposed the surge in Iraq and implied that David Petraeus was lying during his congressional testimony. Does she still agree? Clinton was the secretary of state when we pulled out of Iraq in 2011. Was that a mistake?

This whole video is worth watching, but if you want to see the part featuring Krauthammer, skip to the 5:10 mark.

Hillary Clinton’s refusal to answer questions is starting to get noticed on other networks as well. A CNN reporter recently noted that voters in Iowa are growing suspicious.

Daniel Bassali of the Washington Free Beacon:

Jeff Zeleney: Voters In Iowa Getting The Impression Hillary Is Secretive

Hillary Clinton is nearing 40,000 minutes since the last time she fielded a question from the press and the media is not happy about it.

Jeff Zeleny, CNN’s chief Washington correspondent, told host Wolf Blitzer that voters have also grown weary of Clinton avoiding their own questions with scripted campaign stops.

“So many reporters are saying, ‘Why isn’t she answering questions?’ This becomes a problem when so many voters start saying it and does this feed into the idea that she’s being secretive and not being open enough,” Zeleny said.

“Voters here in Iowa, Wolf, I can tell you, they have many questions for her.”

Here’s the video:

Hillary Clinton is secretive? What could possibly be giving people that idea?

Featured image via FOX News video.


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