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Hillary Email Scandal Not Going Away

Hillary Email Scandal Not Going Away

Too bad Hillary destroyed all those, ahem, exonerating emails.

The Clintons and their defenders are trying to ignore the fact that Hillary used a private email server during her time at the State Department but despite their best efforts, the scandal isn’t going away.

Josh Gerstein of Politico:

State Dept. official: Hillary Clinton’s email practices ‘not acceptable’

A senior State Department official testifying at the first congressional hearing focusing on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email account for official business called such an arrangement “not acceptable” and said other employees have been warned against it.

“I think that the action we’ve taken in the course of recovering these emails have made it very clear what people’s responsibilities are with respect to recordkeeping,” Assistant Secretary of State for Administration Joyce Barr told the Senate Judiciary Committee. “I think the message is loud and clear that that is not acceptable.”

Some people in the media are beginning to realize that the Clintons have a transparency problem and that it’s impossible to prove their guilt or innocence without the thousands of emails Hillary decided to delete.

Meet Jonah Goldberg, political psychic:

All of this blatant dishonesty may have something to do with Hillary’s tanking poll numbers.

Alex Griswold of the Daily Caller:

CNN Host: Hillary’s Horrible Poll Numbers Are ‘The Equivalent Of A Five-Alarm Fire’

CNN chief national correspondent John King said on “New Day” that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s horrible poll numbers on trustworthiness and honesty are the equivalent of a “fire-alarm fire” that her campaign needs to address.

“Clearly, we’re seeing a candidate who right now isn’t showing us transparency, accountability, or a high level of ethical standards,” said National Journal editor Ron Fournier. “Those are things we should be factoring in as well. Especially reporters… the polls go her way, that doesn’t necessarily mean we should stop reporting on it.”

“And the Clinton people shouldn’t take solace in these polls, because they haven’t gotten beyond those fundamental questions of leadership,” he concluded.

Hillary Clinton still has one thing going for her. She’s not a Republican.

As we all know, she would already be finished if she was.


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The State Department calls it ‘unacceptable’. I guess the only proper response is “oh, really?” The State Department IG knew about it during her tenure, and for two years after she left not a word was said. The only reason her email malfeasance is out now is because some news outlet finally revealed it.

Pardon me for not being particularly impressed by this bunch of clowns.

    Sammy Finkelman in reply to ss396. | May 7, 2015 at 11:40 am

    It’s unaceptable for other people at the State Department to do now the same thing Hillary Clinton did then.

    They’re not wise guys.

    The Senate Committee asked a good question. The State Department official could hardly say anything else. She had to say that nobody (else) can do the same thing.

    So a double standard is established, altthough she was less clear as to what degree, if any, what Hillary Clinton did violated the rules then. The rules have gotten tougher.

What I find amazing is how Hillary and the liberal press come out with excuses that cannot possibly be believed concerning how there are no rules or laws concerning the records created by the Sec. State or anyone else in government especially when those records are likely classified and yet the public licks this up as though they never heard a more true statement. Even after people who work in government come out is droves and talk about these requirements plainly listed in the Code of Federal Regulations and elsewhere, the public stills refuse to believe that these laws either exist or that Hilary did anything wrong. Where we are headed is a major crisis and this crisis has everything to do with how those like the Clinton’s and the IRS face one set of rules while everyone else faces a completely different set and have to pay dearly for violating them. If this all does not come to a crisis, then the long term results will be worse – far, far worse.

A bit of passive-aggression there. “Oh, you’re right, it’s not acceptable; and in fact when someone does it anyway, then, errr, ahhh, nothing happens, and they, errr, ahhh, well, get away with it, ahhh, again. So, certainly it’s unacceptable, but we, well, kind of accept it.”

Do you get the feeling the White House is nudging Hillary out into oncoming traffic…

The disgusting Hillary aside, imagine for a few moments her sociopathic snake-oiler-sex addict on the loose again in the White House. Yep…Call Suicide Hotline.

Freddie Sykes | May 7, 2015 at 4:01 pm

O Fortuna is a masterpiece but Fortuna had nothing to do with Hillary’s decision to purge those servers.