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Cruz: No Federal Funds for Universities that Boycott Israel

Cruz: No Federal Funds for Universities that Boycott Israel

“BDS is premised on a lie.”

Professor Jacobson has written extensively about the BDS movement and the effort to boycott the boycotters.

Senator Ted Cruz has a new idea. Take federal funds away from schools that boycott Israel. He made the remarks at the Champion of Jewish Values International Awards Gala. Among attendees was Sheldon Adelson, an influential donor to Republican politicians.

Katie Zezima of the Washington Post writes:

Cruz: Universities that boycott Israel should lose federal funding

NEW YORK — Sen. Ted Cruz said Thursday that universities that boycott Israel should lose their federal funding.

Cruz’s remarks were aimed at the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement, which is gaining traction on college campuses. It calls for U.S. companies and universities to divest from Israel. Cruz has spoken against BDS but sharpened his tone Thursday.

The nation needs a president who will ensure that “if a university boycotts the nation of Israel then that university will forfeit federal taxpayer dollars,” Cruz said at the Champion of Jewish Values International Awards Gala here, where he received the Defender of Israel Award. “BDS is premised on a lie and it is antisemitism plain and simple.”

Blake Neff of the Daily Caller has more:

The speech appeared successful, at least on the surface. Cruz received a standing ovation, including Adelson, who struggles to stand in his old age.

The BDS movement seeks to force Israel to change its policies in Palestine through economic and cultural isolation from the rest of the world. Proponents on university campuses have sought to have their schools withdraw investments in Israeli companies and cease inviting Israel-affiliated academics to conferences. Thus far, the movement has had limited success, and no university has committed itself to the BDS agenda. However, some academic organizations have signed on, such as the American Studies Association, which approved an academic boycott of Israel in 2014.

Cruz didn’t provide specifics on how his promise to cut off federal funds would work, but it’s a significant threat. With the federal government controlling the vast majority of student loans and research grants, cutting off the flow of dollars would be a death blow to most major schools and would make BDS participation a total non-starter.

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Dat Cruz boy is SUCH a rabble-rouser…

I LOVE that…!!!

One of the reasons I truly love the 1st Amendment is that it doesn’t prohibit anyone from making whatever comments he might wish to make.

We know these BDS bastards by what they say. And, that is the reason we always shall need the 1st Amendment as it now exists; and not as the Collective wishes to change it.

I don’t get it. All the nonsense and waste and PC crap that goes on on campuses 24/7/365, and he only wants to defund the boycotters?

Better idea: let the colleges, faculties, and students fund themselves without any taxpayer subsidies at all. They will become more efficient and effective almost overnight, and students might receive an education that is actually useful.

Loose research money or kowtow to anti-Semites? What a conundrum. It would pit the sciences and business schools against the liberal and fine arts. Guess which ones pull in the money?

stevewhitemd | May 31, 2015 at 6:37 pm

Very likely unconstitutional, but as a stick rattling the cage of the progressive baboons, it’s going to be very effective.

    platypus in reply to stevewhitemd. | June 1, 2015 at 12:17 am

    Actually, it’s very constitutional IF you accept that providing fed funds to colleges is constitutional. Providing grant money allows for establishing conditions for receiving it.

    Now if you want to be technical about it (as I do), then the flow of money is entirely outside of the constitution’s grant of authority to the fed govt.