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VIDEO: Jewish reporter harassed in Paris street

VIDEO: Jewish reporter harassed in Paris street

“Anti-semitism in central Paris just because my microphone had Hebrew writing on it.”

We have run several posts about Walking While Jewish in European cities, and the resulting street harassment.

Here is another example. Call it “Reporting While Jewish” in Paris.

Miri Michaeli Schwartz is a reporter for Israel Channel 10 News.

She was doing a report on the streets of Paris regarding the search for the downed Green Wings flight a number of weeks ago, when some Arab men noticed the Hebrew lettering on her microphone. They surrounded her and began to harass her.

She just recently posted the short video, which only show a small part of the incident, on her facebook page (if the Facebook video does not load in your browser, try this YouTube link):

לא התכוונתי להעלות את הסרטון הזה. לא ניתן להבין מה בדיוק קרה שם בקטע הקצר הזה והוא גם לא ממש מחמיא לי. אבל אחרי הכתבה אתמול שהציגה נתונים קשים על מצב האנטישמיות ובמיוחד באירופה קיבלתי כמה שאלות מצופים וחברים שחושבים שהתקשורת (ואני, כחלק ממנה) מקצינה את המצב. אז נכון, אם תטיילו ברחובות פריז יתכן שלא תרגישו כלום. אבל אם תחבשו כיפה, תענדו שרשרת עם תליון של מגן דוד או תחזיקו בידכם מיקרופון שעליו כתוב בעברית "חדשות 10", יש יסוד סביר להניח שבמוקדם או במאוחר תבינו שהמציאות חמורה מהנתונים. את ההערות האלה לא מכניסים לנתונים, גם לא מדווחים עליהן. זה קורה כאן, כל יום ובכל מקום וזה קרה גם לי.זו לא הייתה הפעם הראשונה שכוונה לעברי הערה כשעמדתי ברחוב באחת מבירות אירופה ודיווחתי. לרוב זה משהו שקשור בישראל. בפעם הזאת יצאתי מהיורוסטאר (הרכבת מלונדון למרכז פריז) כשהייתי בדרך להרי האלפים לדווח על התרסקות המטוס של חברת "ג'רמן ווינגס", רגע לפני הדיווח זה קרה. מה שרואים כאן זו רק ההתחלה, האיש שאת פניו לא ניתן לראות בסרטון מזהה עברית על המיקרופון, מעביר לחברים שלו את המידע ומתחיל להציק. מה שקרה אחר כך היה מלחיץ הרבה יותר, הם הקיפו אותי. ארבעה או חמישה גברים והחלו לקלל אותי, גם המילה "יהודיה" חזרה על עצמה. הידיים שלי רועדות שלושה שבועות אחרי, כשאני נזכרת בדברים שאמרו. עמדתי ברחוב, לא הפרעתי לאף אחד וחטפתי קללות נמרצות (בתוספת תנועות ידיים מאיימות) ואיומים. הסתכלתי סביב, הרחוב היה עמוס באנשים ששמו לב למה שקרה, הם צפו מהצד, היה גם מי שצילם את מה שקרה בסמארטפון, אבל אף אחד לא נחלץ לעזרתי. כשהרגשתי מאויימת ברחתי (כן, זו המילה המתאימה) לתחנת הרכבת, שם היו חיילים. רק אז הם עזבו אותי. מוטרדת במרכז פריז רק כי אחזתי במיקרופון ועליו כיתוב בעברית. אז לא, לא הגזמנו. זו המציאות. עכשיו צריך להילחם בה.

Posted by Miri Michaeli Schwartz on Thursday, April 16, 2015

She posted a statement about the incident in Hebrew.

Here is the translation from the Stand With Us Facebook page:

“I was not going to upload this video, you cant really understand exactly what happened in this short clip. But after the report that was published yesterday presenting the problem of anti-Semitism, particularly in Europe I got some questions from viewers and friends who claimed that the media (and I, as part of it) exacerbated the situation.

So, yes, if you walk through the streets of Paris you may not feel anything. But if you’ll wear a yarmulke, or a necklace with a Star of David, or hold a microphone that reads in Hebrew “Channel 10”, there are reasonable grounds to believe that sooner or later, you will realize the reality is worse than what the report showcased. These comments I’m talking about are not being taken into consideration in reports, no one reports them. It happens here, every day and everywhere and it happened to me.

This was not the first time these type of comments were directed at me as I stood in the street in one of the capitals of Europe and reported. Usually it’s something to do with Israel.

This time I went Eurostar (the train from London to central Paris ) on my way from the Alps to report on the crash of the German Wings flight, just before reporting this happened: What you see here was just the beginning, the man whose face you can not see in the video sees Hebrew writing on the microphone and informs his friends. They started to harass me.

What happened next was much more stressful, they surrounded me. Four or five men and began to swear at me, the word “Jew” was repeated. My hands are shaking three weeks after, when I think of the things they said. I stood in the street, I did not bother anyone and I got curses. threatening gestures, and actual threats. I looked around, the street was crowded with people who paid attention to what happened, viewing from the sidelines. A person who filmed what happened smartphone, but no one came to my aid. I felt threatened when I ran (yes, the right word) to the train station, there were soldiers. Only then they left me.

Antisemitism in central Paris just because my microphone had Hebrew writing on it.

So no, no we aren’t exaggerating when we say antisemitism is real. That’s the reality. Now we have to fight it.


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Civilized citizens do not pretend that anti Semitism is not rampant everywhere. Either we speak out and speak up or we are part of the problem. You don’t have to be jewish to be offended by this type of harassment. Violence is not far behind when no one condemns this type of behavior.

There are a couple of dynamics here that should offend Americans: anti-Semitism and runaway muslim, islam, palastinian crap. But those dynamics have become fashionable because they are pushed by obama.

The Muslim hatred of Jews is psychotic. It isn’t just the “Palestine” issue; the virulent hate is written into the core of Islamic doctrine.

Muslims are taught that they themselves are “the best of people” while Jews are the offspring of apes and pigs. Muslims are enraged that Jews have been overwhelmingly more successful at building a decent, modern civilization, or contributing positively to whatever place the live in. They are not encouraged to think critically and rationally about their own failures, but instead to blame others for supposedly robbing them of what they imagine to be their divine right to dominate. Most of all, they blame Jews for every Muslim failure.

Islam teaches Muslims to be insanely hostile.

    platypus in reply to Radegunda. | April 20, 2015 at 1:56 am

    I would say the Muslim hatred of darn near everyone is psychotic. If we only talk about Jews, then the rest of us could be lulled into a false sense of security because we’re not Jews.

But Western leaders keep telling us islamophobia is on the rise, not antisemitism!

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.

Ronald Reagan

I grew up knowing survivors of the camps. One man I knew came out of Auschwitz, Buchenwald, and Dachau relatively unscathed. He worked in the kitchens and he knew monsters like Mengele (even evil scum have to eat). I was always in awe of his positive outlook on life.

I am beyond heartbroken that, after that horror, Jews are once again in danger of being subjected to such evil. But Reagan was right. Freedom, and any other civilized concept, is only one generation away from being blown away in the wind.

casualobserver | April 19, 2015 at 11:01 am

There are nuts everywhere. You only need to look at domestic sports reporting in front of arenas, for example. But the totality of actions in Europe is overwhelming in showing how Antisemitism is rapidly growing. Thankfully the ability to record is ubiquitous.