Now that he’s officially running for President, Sen. Rubio’s affinity for rap and hip-hop is back in the spotlight.

Earlier this week, Sen. Rubio was asked if he would be willing to demonstrate his skill of ‘spit rapping lyrics’ on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. Citing the inappropriateness of the lyrics, Rubio declined to share his talent in front of the video cameras.

Sen. Rubio’s love of hip-hop has surfaced occasionally over the past few years.

Rubio quoted Whiz Khalifa and Jay-Z while supporting Sen. Paul’s filibuster:

Though Rubio thinks Jay-Z should educate himself on his hero, Che Guevara:

And then there was the time TMZ caught up with Sen. Rubio as he was leaving Reagan National Airport. They weren’t expecting his answer to their questions about Tupac:

Or when he explained why he prefers Tupac to Biggie:

The press spent the last week pontificating on Rubio’s age and insinuating he’s too young for the Oval Office. The Senator is currently 43. JFK was 43 when he was inaugurated, and Teddy Roosevelt was only 42. But those are inconvenient details I suppose.

Maybe it’s time America had a president who could kick butt in a free style rap battle…

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