According to a new report from FOX News which is sure to generate controversy, Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake gave an order for police to stand down during the riots which decimated the city this week:

Source: Baltimore mayor ordered police to stand down

Despite a firm denial by Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, a senior law enforcement source charges that she gave an order for police to stand down as riots broke out Monday night, raising more questions about whether some of the violence and looting could have been prevented.

The source, who is involved in the enforcement efforts, confirmed to Fox News there was a direct order from the mayor to her police chief Monday night, effectively tying the hands of officers as they were pelted with rocks and bottles.

Asked directly if the mayor was the one who gave that order, the source said: “You are God damn right it was.”

The claim follows criticism of the mayor for, over the weekend, saying they were giving space to those who “wished to destroy.”

Bill Hemmer of FOX News asked the mayor to comment but she denied the claim. Watch:

Jim Treacher of the Daily Caller points out that it’s difficult to know where the mayor stands:

Did Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake Order The Cops To Stand Down?

It’s an anonymous source, so take it with a grain of salt. But it doesn’t seem far-fetched, considering what we’ve seen from Rawlings-Blake over the last few days. First she said she was giving rioters “space to destroy,” then she claimed she never said that, then she admitted she said it but meant the exact opposite. Now she’s apologizing for calling the rioters “thugs,” even though they’re definitely thugs. She’s not really leaving an impression of strong, decisive leadership.

I’ll leave you with this thought from Ace of Spades:

In Katrina, the Democrat Mayor, the Democrat Governor, and the Republican President could all be argued to have some degree of authority for the response to the emergency — but the Mayor and the Governor had the most, and the President could not act without their asking.

Nevertheless, the media decided the President was guilty.

In this case, the Mayor is Democratic, the President is Democratic, and the Governor is Republican.

Who will the media decide was too slow in reacting this time, I wonder.

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