Peter Schweizer’s book, ‘Clinton Cash’ has not even been released yet, but has created quite a stir in the DC community. With Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign officially launched, the book is raising a lot of questions about Hillary’s time as Secretary of State and the Clinton Foundation. 

Schweizer says his book lays out a pattern when foreign interests – both government and business – made large donations to the Clinton Foundation and paid Bill Clinton large sums of money while having business before the state department.

Schweizer was on Morning Joe today and was being peppered with questions from Mika Brzezinski and Mike Barnicle about “proof”, “evidence” and a “smoking gun” (like George Stephanopoulos did) Schweizer tried to remind them he’s just an author and doesn’t have the ability to do the digging to establish a legal case. They continued to press and that’s when Joe Scarborough had enough:

He’s right about the standards and he made a great point that nobody was going after Schweizer the way they are now when he wrote his book ‘Throw Them All Out’, his book on how people in Congress were benefitting from insider information to make money on stock deals. That’s because the book went after Republicans as well as Democrats.

It’s not unreasonable to believe Stephanopoulos, Brzezinski and Barnicle won’t be so concerned about evidence Schweizer has when he writes about Jeb Bush several months from now.