I’m firmly on Team Hillary Parody 2016.

Meaning, I’m definitely a fan of the insultingly hilarious “Candidate Hillary” skits that Saturday Night Live is churning out. This weekend, SNL’s Kate McKinnon donned the pantsuit once more to riff on Hillary’s Big Presidential Announcement©, and it was pretty great. Watch:

Any day I get a bonus reprise of Darrell Hammond as Bill Clinton is a great day, and I’m not ashamed to admit that.

But let’s not see these skits for anything other than what they are—skits. Why? Because they’re not really a sincere attack on Clinton.

I grew up during the Clinton era, which means that I understand every joke that the SNL players are throwing at us. That’s the point. SNL didn’t create this character as a political statement, but as a nostalgic grab for the attention of myself and anyone older than me who remembers the wretched history of the Clinton family, and who cringe-laughs every time that gray-haired doofus pops up in the background to derail his wife’s attempts at sincerity.

These skits are for people who know who the Clintons are, and what they have done—but who still may be willing to laugh at how they’re portrayed on a deliberately irreverent sketch comedy show. They’re not aimed at voters, or undecideds, or big Hillary fans; they’re aimed at people who can turn off the cycle and relax about what they’ve seen on the news.

They’re for me—and maybe you, depending on who you are—and that’s scarily brilliant.

Hollywood has not yet spoken about this candidacy; but when they do, it’s not going to be Kate McKinnon leading the charge. It’ll be a much more polished presentation, and I can’t imagine they will go so far as to turn Hillary Clinton into a clown.

You don’t go from scorned wife to political powerhouse without having a few tricks up your sleeve. Read: Hillary Clinton will bounce back from any parody we throw at her.

Enjoy the skits, or don’t; in the end, it doesn’t really matter. For the time being, be glad that Hollywood is dropping buzzwords about Benghazi and the e-mail sandal out into the ether. Many of their viewers may not understand what’s being referred to, but we can use those words as a trigger later, when we launch planned attacks on Clinton’s corrupt history.

The push for President Clinton 2.0 is coming—but so is a major conservative effort to introduce an entire generation of voters to the Real Hillary Clinton, and that’s sure to be a lot more devastating than a TV skit.


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