Saturday Night Live has a history of lampooning the right candidate at the right time. Whether on purpose, or just as a result of tapping into the zeitgeist and saying what the majority of their fan base is thinking, the SNL players have taken out political power players from Sarah Palin to George W. Bush; and now, they’re setting their sights on the most high profile would-be candidate in American politics.

Hillary Clinton, welcome to 30 Rock.

Kate McKinnon’s latest cold open portraying Hillary Clinton as a (jocularly) manipulative but (completely not) relatable (possible!) candidate could be the beginning of another Tina Fey-esque assault on a less-than-desirable figurehead.

You be the judge:

“This is not how Hillary Clinton goes down! I mean, what did you think my e-mails said? ‘Hi, it’s Hillary, I really screwed up on Benghazi today.’ Please. HEH HEH HEH! I wasn’t born yesterday; I was born 67 years ago and I have been planning on being president ever since. There will be NO mistakes in my rise to the top—if I decide to run!?

If I were Hillary, I’d be in my war room right now, because Kate McKinnon has managed to turn a cutthroat, cold, calculating, and malicious career politician into a complete joke—that also makes you a little bit nervous.

Oh, and pay attention—they mention Elizabeth Warren. Not subtle.

If anything comes of this, one thing can be sure—the people demand more!

Clinton and Williams in the same tweet? That’s gotta sting.


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