MSNBC’s Chris Matthews has never had much love for conservatives, but he’s been on a roll lately.

Here’s what Matthews had to say about the current GOP field on his show yesterday.

Ken Shepherd of News Busters:

Chris Matthews’s ‘Snake-Charmer’ Dog Whistle?; Will Leftists Complain About Racist ‘Microaggression’?

MSNBC Hardball host Chris Matthews loves to slander Republicans as often speaking in code or blowing racial “dog-whistles.” Of course, doing that should open him up to charges of the same when he speaks carelessly. Before I continue, I must add that I don’t in any way think Matthews was making a veiled reference here to Republican Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s Indian ethnic heritage, but even so, given his network’s political correctness, it seems pretty odd that Matthews feels comfortable comparing the GOP primary field to a Middle Eastern bazaar that’s just missing its “snake charmer.” Here’s the relevant transcript:

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Meanwhile, the Republican field of candidates begins to resemble a Middle Eastern souk, you know, an open market where each candidate calls on customers to buy what he happens to be selling. There’s a libertarian here, an establishment type there, an angry demagogue, an evangelist selling revival. The only thing missing in this bazaar is the snake charmer. I forgot to mention Chris Christie who’s up in New Hampshire selling his New Jersey charm.

Matthews loves to play the race card, but never seems to pay a price for his double standards.

As long as we’re going down this road, here’s a clip via Jonah Goldberg of Matthews (sort of?) defending Rand Paul by slamming all the “piggish money” from neocon defenders of Israel.

Matthews is due for a tinfoil hat fitting any day now.


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