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Mild About Martin O’Malley

Mild About Martin O’Malley

Billary is shaking in its boots.

Martin O’Mally [damn – I spelled his name wrong] (quick, look him up on Wikipedia, and let me know who he is) is spoken about in certain circles as a possible challenger to Billary.

The New York Times reports that Marty (is it okay to call him that?) is jabbing at Billary, Martin O’Malley, in Veiled Jab at Hillary Clinton, Derides Politics of ‘Triangulation’:

Martin O’Malley, the former Maryland governor who is likely to seek the Democratic nomination for president in 2016, took a veiled shot at a potential rival, Hillary Rodham Clinton, in a speech in South Carolina on Saturday, criticizing the politics of “triangulation” that have historically been associated with the Clintons.

“The most fundamental power of our party and our country is the power of our moral principles,” Mr. O’Malley said, according to a transcript of his remarks provided by an aide.

In words that echoed those of Senator Barack Obama when he battled Mrs. Clinton in 2007 for the Democratic nomination, Mr. O’Malley added: “Triangulation is not a strategy that will move America forward. History celebrates profiles in courage, not profiles in convenience.”

Mr. O’Malley’s comments came at the Democratic Party’s John Spratt Issues Conference in Myrtle Beach, and South Carolina is a crucial early primary state that Mrs. Clinton lost to Mr. Obama. Mr. O’Malley has in the past declined to contrast himself with Mrs. Clinton….

The remarks from Mr. O’Malley, who is viewed as facing an uphill battle, signaled a new phase both of his own efforts, after a year of saying he was not in “compare-contrast” mode with Mrs. Clinton, and of the early 2016 campaign.

Billary is scared. Very scared.

(Vine via Washington Free Beacon)

There’s only one chance O’Malley could beat Billary. (Hint – Billary, don’t go mountain climbing with him.)


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Hilary has nothing to worry about. The dems will never nominate a candidate with principles.

    Paul in reply to jim_m. | March 1, 2015 at 10:45 pm

    And certainly not one so privileged and prone to man-spreading and all.

    NavyMustang in reply to jim_m. | March 2, 2015 at 7:21 am

    You’re saying that O’Malley is a “candidate with principles?


    Do you live either in Montgomery County or Baltimore by any chance?

His street cred includes gun control and subsequent loss of Beretta from the state. It is enough to gain a nod from the party faithful, but not enough to take on Hillary. He ripped a new hole in the fabric of the Constitution. Hillary ripped fatal holes in Libya and almost Egypt. That is big league cred with the party faithful. The Dem governors riding the gun control laws fancy themselves as potential candidates. They are the JV team.

David Gerstman | March 1, 2015 at 10:09 pm

From the Washington Times in January: Mr. O’Malley is at the back of the pack with about 1 percent support for his presidential bid in recent polls.

David Gerstman | March 1, 2015 at 10:11 pm

So yes, Hillary should not go mountain climbing or hunting with my former Gov. BTW, he spent 8 years turning Maryland into a leftist paradise, and the population of the Free State was so grateful that they elected a Republican to succeed him.

He can definitely land some serious blows though.

He looks like a white patriarchal cis male.

Is he gay? Or questioning? Or at least two-spirit? Something to offset his pasty white appearance, in the eyes of liberal voters?

Won’t make a dent.

The Dems aren’t looking for managerial experience, competence, integrity, etc. They’re looking for “anti-candidates”, and the more obviously unsuited for the job, the better. They’re looking for “statements”, not substance. That’s why Obama was just right for them, and he’ll remain so despite his failures and foibles. The man fails, the policies are revealed to be catastrophies, but none of that matters since the “statement” remains; the voters and the Party can remain smug and terribly pleased with themselves since they managed to elect “the first [fill in the blank] in US history”. They’ll do the same with Hillary, unless an obviously worse anti-candidate shows up.

Perhaps my Legal Insurrection friends might want to have someone who is an actual Democrat opine on this development.

Recall that Billary was suppose to be crowned in 2008. How did that work out?

With the sole exception of a friend who is an alum of Hillary Clinton’s university, every Democrat I talk to would prefer an electable alternative with less baggage.

Think of Hillary Clinton as the Jeb Bush of the Democrats, and you won’t be far off. Polls that say otherwise are so much noise that is not to be believed at this point.

One thing is certain: a democrat elbow will be thrown into Clinton’s face, pushing her to the side, humiliating her yet again.

We just don’t yet know who the elbow belongs to.

NavyMustang | March 2, 2015 at 7:23 am

I live in Maryland and after two terms of this clown, I am SOOOO happy he is gone.

The biggest mistake this country could ever make would be to take him seriously, never mind elect him. He is a Dem hack.

The people of Maryland showed how sick they were of him when we roundly rejected his policies by not buying into the BS of Lt Governor Anthony Brown. He was simply an O’Malley clone.

pablo panadero | March 2, 2015 at 8:25 am

Keep in mind that when Bill Clinton tossed his name into the 1992 race, George Bush was riding at >80% approval, and the more electable candidates (remember Senator Lloyd Bentsen, Mario Cuomo and Senator Glenn?) were loathing the opportunity to be slaughtered by Bush. At the time, it was thought that Bill Clinton was merely getting his name out there, with the intention of seriously running in 1996. I think the same scenario can happen here, where a relatively unknown candidate, merely positioning him/her self for 2020, winds up defeating a faltering Hillary.

Midwest Rhino | March 2, 2015 at 9:27 am

Where’s the trigger warning on the chortling Hillary image?

Billary is about the money … Chinagate, now the Middle East, and the taxpayer via all those universities paying her $250K to give a speech they could hear on You-Tube. America is sold to anyone that pays … American policy and access is bought, Clintons are famous for such deals.

So where did all the Obama money come from? We know he opened a website for foreigners to donate, a loophole that never got closed. And any big players and foreign interests knew his radical background, with the malicious desiring a weaker America. Of course the unions were biggest, and Hollywood and MSM made him “The Great (half) Black Hope”. ACORNs and the IRS played their role as well.

Those tea party groups are still waiting for their 50-whatever status, so they will probably still be thwarted by the IRS for the Hillary Coronation. Big Media has already struck up the band for her, and probably feel they owe her after turning Obama into a messianic figure in 2008. Hillary Wept.

The only identity politics “first” box left to check besides “first woman” (with Warren apparently dealt with) would be “first Hispanic”, male or female. Obama said we need open borders because there will be a President Rodriguez one day. But that day is not yet, 30 million illegals need the vote first.

Maybe a nuclear Middle East or a stock market blow up would open the door for a contender like Jim Webb, but right now the MSM is building buzz about their Queen Bee announcing in April. If the Benghazi emails haven’t been purged by another Sandy Burglar type, that could do real damage. Or Bill’s trips to pedophile island. But it doesn’t, at this point, make any difference. She has the crown in her bag, and many have kissed her ring. No one wants to cross Billary, she is Putinesque in her dealings with political enemies, with her own politburo enforcers it would seem.

Henry Hawkins | March 2, 2015 at 2:11 pm

Mort O’Malvey is Warren-lite, an uberlib. Poor name recognition, a record that only the core libs could like, and no campaign money. Marvin O’Murphy has only a small chance against Hillary. However, what if Hillary goes down, doesn’t catch on, or gets torpedoed by one of any number of scandals? Without Hillary, all of a sudden Mark O’Morley is the #2 Dem candidate behind Liz Warren.

Sometimes national back benchers run for party nomination just to fill a slot on the resume: former two-term governor and presidential candidate Milton O’Manheim sounds better.

I have had the dubious pleasure of living in Maryland with “MOM” at the helm.

If you want a tax on the very rain that falls on your head, O’Malley is your man! Yes indeed. Maryland is the ONLY state in the union where they tax the rain.

If you want to give away more or your Second Amendment rights, O’Malley is your man!

I live in MD and two terms of Martin “What’s in your wallet?” O’Malley was bad enough. But with Babs “Jabba the Hut” Mikulski heading into retirement I’ll wager we’ll end up with Senator O’Malley.

Montgomery County MD here. Please run O’Malley. The NRA needs a new chew toy.