Hillary’s email delete-o-rama and foreign funding issues aren’t going away as quickly as the Clinton’s had hoped.

Left without anyone on the bench, the Democratic party is scrambling at the eleventh hour to cobble together a contingency plan.

Then, out of (relative) obscurity emerged the most generic, milquetoast, cisgendered candidate conceivable — former Maryland governor, Martin O’Malley.

Yesterday, O’Malley sat down with George Stephanopolous. Platitude upon platitude, common sense this and common sense that, a quick jab at Hillary and an excruciating answer to an incredibly elementary foreign policy question, and that’s what you get with O’Malley.

Prior to his Perry-esque oops moment, O’Malley not so subtly upped his game by saying it’s time for “new leadership and new perspective” when Stephanopolous mentioned the Governor’s previous support of Mrs. Clinton. “Let’s be honest here. The presidency of the United States is not a crown to be passed between two families.” Zing!

O’Malley struggled to name the single greatest national security threat to the United States. “The number one responsibility for the president is to protect the people of the United States of America. Would that there were only one threat. There are always threats,” said O’Malley, obviously trying to buy himself some time.

Stephanopolous persisted, and cringeworthiness reminiscent of Miss South Carolina’s answer in the Miss Teen U.S.A. pageant, ensued. “The greatest danger that we face right now on a continuing basis in terms of man made threats is um… nuclear Iran and related to that, extremist violence. I don’t think you can separate the two.”

But if you ask his former constituents, they’re not so keen on the idea of O’Malley presidency:

Martin O'Malley governor Maryland poll Hillary Clinton

O’Malley hasn’t said for sure he’s running, but indicated if he does, he’ll announce sometime this spring.

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