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How to correctly express approval at a feminist conference

How to correctly express approval at a feminist conference

To jazz hand or not to jazz hand?

Earlier this week, British feminists made mock-worthy headlines due to a request made at the Nation Union of Student’s women’s conference.

The request?

So how does one properly express approval at a feminist conference?

Worry no more, dear reader. Milo Yiannopoulos has you covered.

And now you know.

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Don’t these feminists know that using jazz hands is actually a type of “cultural appropriation”? It is stealing the “hands up, don’t shoot” symbol from black culture, and it is racist for white people to even tweet about using it…

Rather too many fingers of speech for my feeble wits to recall, let alone my arthritic fingers execute.

Up-twinkles and down-twinkles was good enough fer my granddaddy, and they’re good enough fer me!

Although in honor of the feminists, I will consider an alternative, the “package grab,” just because it may trigger the hell outta them.

Doug Wright Old Grouchy | March 27, 2015 at 4:01 pm

Personally, the single finger salute would be preferred to “Jazz Hands!” Of course, the single finger of choice should be the middle finger, held aloft, in front of your body, using either the left or right hand, doesn’t matter, your choice.

If strong approval is desired, use both hands; alternatively, thrusting the hand(s) upward, sharply.

Altogether now, try it: Finger salute. Excellent, good effort, students.

Maybe those suggestions will work for the many females who are so readily traumatized. Apparently feeling offended and inordinately vulnerable is what feminism is about today; clearly it doesn’t involve ever becoming real women.

My late husband’s sometimes-derisive use of the word “female” has taken on special significance in the last year or so.

The proliferation of references to triggers and triggering disgusted me to the point that last night I pulled out my camera for a new avatar. Microaggressions will wait.

Sheer guess-work here, but shouting “Bravo” is probably not approved?

That awkward moment at a feminist picnic when they realize no one has made any sandwiches….

A campus fraternity was recently shut down after a nine-second video showed some of the members clapping. A campus Zen group was instructed that they may no longer meditate on the sound of one hand clapping as such activity “creates a hostile enlightenment.”