Today will go down in history as the day feminists officially stepped beyond the bounds of self-parody.

UK based outfit, the National Union of Students is hosting a conference for women. The multi-day conference for union delegates began today. Motions up for consideration at the conference include designating the abolishment of prisons as a feminist issue, free education and living grants, supporting the decriminalization of sex work, ending Transphobia, Biphobia, and Islamophobia on campus, and supporting the right to justice and education for Palestine.

This afternoon (our time, anyway), a group in attendance made the following request:

To which the NUS Women’s Campaign responded, saying:

A formal request was then issued to conference attendees:

Jazz Hands.


And then Twitter found out…

Yes, anxiety is a real issue. Yes, many people suffer from anxiety. But if conference applause is a ‘trigger,’ there are plenty of great therapists available to assist.

Beyond the jazz hand hilarity, NUS has some… not so inclusive views. Like the fact that they’re not so fond of white gay men:

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 7.29.55 PM

But this is what happens when you get an abundance of special snowflakes in a room together to talk about inclusion, diversity, and equality — without fail, they walk themselves past hypocrisy and into the land of self-parody. Sad indeed.

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