I cannot begin to fathom the pain of a mother or father burying a child, especially when their son or daughter is senselessly murdered.

There are circumstances surrounding the death of Jamiel Shaw that even compound that horror, especially in light of the very reasonable concerns Americans have about the type of immigrants being encouraged to cross our borders unimpeded.

Shaw’s father recently testified before Congress about the circumstances of his son’s death, at the hands of a DREAM Act beneficiary.

“My son, Jamiel Andre Shaw II, was murdered by a DREAMer, a DACA recipient, a child brought to this country by no fault of his own,” Mr. Shaw told Representative Ron DeSantis (R., Fla.) while testifying before a House Oversight and Government Reform subcommittee panel. Shaw was murdered in 2008, before the Obama created the DACA program in the run up to the 2012 election cycle, but — as a young person brought into the country as a child, Shaw’s eventual murderer would likely have qualified for DACA status.

“The illegal alien dreamer that murdered my son only served four months of an eight month sentence for assault with a deadly weapon and battery on a police officer,” Shaw said. “He was released from the county jail the day before he executed my son. Why was this violent illegal alien allowed to walk the streets of America instead of being deported?”

“Do black lives really matter or does it matter only if you are shot by a white person or a white policeman?” he added, before alluding to the ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ saying that became popular following the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Mo. “My son was shot in the head by an illegal alien gang banger while he lay on his back with his hands up. he still shot him through his hand into his head and killed him.”

During a subsequent interview with FNC’s Bill O’Reilly, Shaw indicated that the DREAMer, Pedro Espinoza, “was looking for someone black to kill, and he was in my neighborhood, and he saw my son walking down the street, and he went over there and murdered him.”.

Shaw’s testimony was offered in support of a bill recently reintroduced, “H.R. 1041, “The Jamiel Shaw, II Memorial Act of 2015”. The main purpose of the bill is to force the government to gather statics related to the percentage of crimes committed by the “undocumented”.  If passed, our federal agencies would be forced to develop rules:

  • Requiring states to submit in-depth statistics on illegal alien crime activity in order to receive Department of Homeland Security (DHS) funding; and
  • Requiring all federal agencies to submit data on illegal alien crime activity; and
  • Requiring the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to compile this information and produce an annual publication—similar to its existing Uniform Crime Report—that provides detailed statistics on illegal alien crime activity.

Dawn Wildman, a leading California citizen activist, is heavily promoting HR 1041 among conservative organizations across the nation. She explains:

Jamiel was a star athlete and scholar in Los Angeles who was gunned down outside of his home by an illegal alien gang member. Americans are regularly victims of crimes at the hands of illegal immigrants; however, the leaders who are suppose to protect us seem uninterested in learning how prevalent these instances are. This bill is the least we can do to try and prevent another family living the pain that the Shaws are dealing with daily.

Indeed…as Jamiel Shaw’s mother, Anita, was on a second tour of duty in Iraq when she learned her son was slaughtered.

Please contact your Congressional representative and ask for passage of The Jamiel Shaw, II Memorial Act of 2015.

(Featured image via Twitter).