Joe Biden made headlines Tuesday when he publicly canoodled the wife of newly appointed Secretary of Defense Carter.

Our friends over at the Washington Free Beacon compiled this epic super cut of Biden’s handsy habit:

Nia-Malika Henderson of the Washington Post wrote, “Some tipping point has been reached with Biden, it seems. While it used to be chalked up to Biden being “Uncle Joe,” it’s increasingly being described as “creepy.”” On this point, I wholly agree because it is creepy.

Biden is probably harmless and probably has no ill intentions, but watching the super cut of his oft unwelcome affection in action is… disturbing.

We can imagine how the press would handle the matter were a Republican behaving like good ol’ Uncle Joe. Sexist, chauvinistic, inappropriate, rape culture, demeaning, objectifying, are words that would be used to depict the same behavior by individuals bearing the Scarlet R.

Beyond the Democrat v. Republican media crevasse is another issue altogether — why are men doing nothing to stop Biden’s behavior? Am I suggesting Secretary Carter should’ve clocked the Vice President five minutes after being sworn in? Not necessarily, although that would’ve made for some fantastic MSNBC coverage. But I wonder if one man politely intervening in the VP’s unsolicited cuddlefests might somehow deter future captive kiss attacks from everyone’s favorite Vice President.

I know my Man would not be so passive were another dude to uncomfortably caress my face and whisper Lord knows what into my ear. I shudder at the thought… No guy friend, brother-in-law, or cousin of mine would be so nonchalant either, so I have a hard time understanding why Senators and other dignitaries grin and laugh while watching their loved ones get Veephandled.

I like to think the men involved waited until the cameras were turned off, so as not to further embarrass their wife or daughter before having a serious conversation with Uncle Joe. I sure do hope I’m right.

The onus doesn’t fall solely on the chivalry of gentleman. A well placed elbow or knee, preferably both, from any lady under fire would probably do the trick, too.

Regardless, someone needs to sit down and have a chat with Biden before the cuddlebug attacks again.

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