Uncle Joe was spotted publicly creeping on women again wielding his charm earlier today.

This time, the victim was the wife of newly appointed Secretary of Defense, Ashton Carter.

Carter was sworn in by Vice President Biden today.

Gaffe Machine Biden gave a shout out to a former Iowa Congressman and “old butt buddy” in a speech last week (A term we do not suggest Googling in polite company; trust us on this one.):

Who can forget the time Biden said being the Vice President was a “bitch,” when addressing the VP of Harvard University’s Institute of Politics?

Chris Coon‘s daughter was not impressed:

And then one my personal favorites, Joe Biden, Biker Gangster.

Say what you will about our affectionate VP, but he’s probably the most authentic part of this administration. It’s fair to say that a Biden Presidential run would produce headlines the like of which this nation has never seen. And I really hope that happens.

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