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The most affectionate Vice President ever?

The most affectionate Vice President ever?

Gimme some sugar, baby

Uncle Joe was spotted publicly creeping on women again wielding his charm earlier today.

This time, the victim was the wife of newly appointed Secretary of Defense, Ashton Carter.

Carter was sworn in by Vice President Biden today.

Gaffe Machine Biden gave a shout out to a former Iowa Congressman and “old butt buddy” in a speech last week (A term we do not suggest Googling in polite company; trust us on this one.):

Who can forget the time Biden said being the Vice President was a “bitch,” when addressing the VP of Harvard University’s Institute of Politics?

Chris Coon‘s daughter was not impressed:

And then one my personal favorites, Joe Biden, Biker Gangster.

Say what you will about our affectionate VP, but he’s probably the most authentic part of this administration. It’s fair to say that a Biden Presidential run would produce headlines the like of which this nation has never seen. And I really hope that happens.

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“Hide yo’ kids, hide yo’ wife…”

Affectionate my ass. He’s just a creep.

Just once in my life — though I know it will ever happen — I’d like to see one of these women in such a circumstance stiffen, shake his arms off her shoulder, walk away a few steps toward her husband, turn, point her finger at him in quick warning, and resume her impassive stance. A silent but complete shaming for every camera to capture. My Tennessee grandmother would have done this. But we’re not making women like her anymore. We’re not making people like her anymore. We all just suck it up — it’s easier that way. But what a moment it would be — an affirmation of individual spirit, dignity and probity. On such small actions, lives can change, and worlds transform.

    If he’d done that on a college campus, it would have counted towards one of those “1 in 3” (or 4, or 5, or whatever number they’re floating around this week).

    I want to hear someone yell out, “Hey Joe! Where’s the affirmative consent?!”

I’m always reminded of…

“I’m your wicked Uncle Biden…I’m glad that you won’t hear or see me as I

fiddle about, fiddle about, fiddle about.”

She looks thrilled. Note the raised shoulders.

And now back to our regular programming… “The Republican War on Women, Episode 1,217”

What a bucketful he is…

My goodness, he really is a creepy s.o.b., isn’t he?

Subotai Bahadur | February 17, 2015 at 4:03 pm

1) What is the actual job of the Vice-president in modern times?

It is to be a life insurance/impeachment insurance policy for the President.

2) How is this done?

By being sufficiently terrifying anywhere near the levers of power so as to deter threats to life or tenure of office.

3) Granting that Joe Biden is at least 1 1/2 bubbles off of plumb on a good day, has a history of cerebra-vascular events, and is a known lech. But what if Obama has decided that he is at a greater than normal risk for either event he is being insured against, and Biden’s conduct of late has been deliberate and under orders to enhance the deterrent effect? Remember, during the Senate swearing in a few weeks ago when he kissed the early teen daughter of Senator Chris Coons?

4) Would anybody rule out this sort of conduct?

buckeyeminuteman | February 17, 2015 at 4:24 pm

These women need to follow his advice and “buy a shotgun”.

she should have slugged him in the balls, then kneed him in the face when he doubled over, than placekicked him in the balls when he was down on the floor.

my wife would have.

    MarkS in reply to redc1c4. | February 17, 2015 at 5:13 pm

    You’d think Mrs. Joe might have a word with him. But then again she’s probably glad it’s someone else and not her!

We should be thankful he didn’t have his dick in his hand.

Where are the Feminazi outcrys? Been anyone that is not a flaming leftist, they would be hauling out the torches, pitchforks and advocating the tarring and feathering the perpetrator of such a ghastly crime against women.

ugottabekiddinme | February 17, 2015 at 6:14 pm

I’d have lots more confidence in Carter being a tough as-we-need SecDef if he’d paused in his remarks, turned around and clearly told Joe to “take your hands off my wife.”

It’s common knowledge that Joe Biden is dumber than a sack of hammers. Now he’s morphed into down right creepy.

    At least you can set a bag of hammers down and they won’t do anything when you turn your back. So in that sense the sack of hammers is not only smarter than Slow Joe but it’s better behaved too.

In the olden days, we slapped creeps who pulled stuff like this.

It’s sad that politicians (elected and not) are so enamored of power that they’re willing to subject their family members to such abuse.

^^ next “war on wymyns” GOP response ad , with a cricket chirping soundtrack

I’d like to see a YouTube video of all these creepy Joe photos, one after another, each one followed by that “screaming goat” clip.

As a psychologist I’d give my left nu.. I’d give a lot to conduct a mental health assessment on this guy. I mean, wow.. talk about “issues”. So many potential elements. It is consistent with narcissism to think that any woman or girl would absolutely welcome your hands all over them, you’re whispering in their ear, as well as thinking the public would likewise consider it normal and welcomed. This guy clearly cannot imagine that anything he does or says could be anything but wise and beneficial to all. This is why he appears to have no governing norms on how and when we appropriately touch others, of at all. To a Biden, if it’s a good idea to him, it’s a good idea period. Self as benchmark. Self as baseline. Self as model. Yikes. That would be a fun afternoon.

    What is maturity? It’s that state of being when one has finally stuffed his/her ego within his/her own skin.

    A baby’s ego stretches to infinity. Slow Joe’s ego limit is still over the horizon, even at his age. Pathetic.

Another Kennedy-Dobbs waitress sandwich in the Odidlo Administration? Sure looks like it with all of those leeches hanging around Mrs Carter.

My first job as a Nurse was in a Nursing home. Joe is starting to remind me of the old men in there that used to pinch all the women.