Obama Administration officials are feeling the heat from the downward spiral of its figurehead health care legislation, and they’re looking for allies in what is arguably the most unlikely place on Earth—the Church.

Unlikely indeed, considering religious organizations (and organizations run by religiously-minded entrepreneurs) have been engaged in an all-out war over Obamacare’s various mandates since before the thing was signed into law. Officials charged with making sure Americans enroll for coverage have always thought of religious organizations as outlets for promotion, but they’ve recently stepped up their game and started re-pushing pre-made educational materials to churches.

The Weekly Standard explains:

These materials are part of the “Second Sunday & Faith Weekend of Action Toolkit,” which is available on the website of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

From the beginning, HHS has sought to develop partnerships with faith-based organizations to promote the Obamacare. This “toolkit” has been available since 2013. However, the details of these partnerships have largely escaped the attention of the national media. The Second Sunday & Faith Weekend of Action program encourages churches to use the second Sunday of each month during open enrollment to hold informational meetings and sign-up events.

They’ve even provided a bulletin insert—how convenient!


Those overseeing the exchange in our nation’s capital took their promotion one step further—and co-opted the Good Word to make their point:

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 6.08.26 PM

I don’t think I need to point out how disgusting this is.

Members of the clergy aren’t taking this lying down. Robert James Jeffress, Jr., pastor of the First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas, recently spoke out against the proposed “partnership” between the government and the church to push Obamacare:

Let’s say it again: partnership between the church and the government. Isn’t this the very thing liberals freak out about when discussing abortion, or gay marriage, or “lobbying from the pulpit?”

Welcome to 2015, where literally nothing remains sacred.