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Megyn Kelly on Melissa Harris-Perry: What a Quack! (VIDEO)

Megyn Kelly on Melissa Harris-Perry: What a Quack! (VIDEO)

If it walks like a ….

Remember that one time when a professional journalist called the United States Attorney General a duck, and then asked him to quack?

In public?

While the camera was rolling?

There are no more words. Just watch:


I think this is the kind of thing most people expected from Obama’s sit-down interviews with “YouTube Stars.” Instead, we’re getting this weirdness from the woman Slate dubbed “MSNBC’s Scholar-in-Residence”:

At Princeton, they may have felt that Harris-Perry was lowering the bar, but no one would accuse her of dumbing down TV. MSNBC has positioned itself as the left alternative to FOX News, and MSNBC President Phil Griffin has said publicly that he wants to focus on a niche audience that “thrives on being smart.” Like fellow MSNBC-er Chris Hayes, who calls himself the Harry Potter to Harris-Perry’s Hermione, Harris-Perry fits into that mold. Although she’s always charismatic and lively, she can often come across more like a documentary narrator than a journalist.

I’ll just leave that on the table. We can bring it up the next time she walks into the studio with tampons through her ears.

As ridiculous as this woman is, I don’t think she’s going anywhere anytime soon.

The academic set still thinks of her as a force to be reckoned with; she’ll be speaking at Cornell University’s Martin Luther King Jr., Commemorative Lecture later this month on “the continuing consequences of inequality.”

Hopefully she’ll leave the tampons at home.

At the end of the day, I’m with Megyn on this one: “Brian Williams may make up things, but I’d take him any day over Melissa Harris-Perry interviewing the Attorney General.”

Here, here. Can we have GloZell back?

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What the duck?

Actually, it’s ‘Hear hear!’

Must be one of them there eggcorns

Welcome to Animal Farm:
MHP’s duck analogy could refer to Holder’s Animal Farm DOJ:
“All ducks are equal, but some ducks are more equal than others.”

Is Perry on drugs? Or is she off her meds? Which?

Having a PhD used to mean something. Are you proud Duke University?

Holder chose to give her the interview because she is black. He got exactly what he deserved.

The reason he is called a duck is because of his duck like color. Although he is known for seeking justice for certain ones who are affectionately known as “my people,” the fact is he has no guts to stand up for others who are not fortunate enough to fall into that category. He is decidedly yellow.

Quack, quack Holder!

Isn’t this the racist who mocked Romney’s sons adoption of a black baby!

I think Melissa Harris-Perry is to be commended for getting the absolute maximum out of her particular education, intellect, and experience.

Before you hit the Down Thumb, think about what I said.

Megyn had Dana Perino on last night, sharing her gripe about Brian Williams. Williams had a personal interview with Bush and he kept trying to mock him about the books he read. Bush (MBA Harvard) had read something Williams (18 college hour credits) deemed too erudite for him, and repeatedly tried to shame him.

Williams seemed doubtful of Bush’s reading habits, which at the time included a book about a French philosopher and another book about the battle of New Orleans.

“This is a change,” Williams said when Bush informed him of his new reading material after the anchor brought up the last book he heard he was reading was about Joe DiMaggio and that he was on a “Teddy Roosevelt reading kick.”

After two nights of feeling sorry for poor Brian, it was good to get a little perspective on the man acting more like a Democrat political operative than a newsman treated unfairly, just for having vivid imagination.

She calls him “the duck” because he paddles for justice. I call him “the racist” because that’s what he is.

As Chico Marx asked, “Why a duck?”

“Birds and their droppings can carry over 60 diseases” ( )

Clearly this chick has been infected by the AG’s droppings …

I object to referring to Harris-Perry as a “journalist”, most true journalist have done nothing to warrant being compared to her.